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Book Review: ‘Urdu Ki Asri Sadaien’

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Rayees Ahmad Kumar
The book “Urdu Ki Asri Sadaien” written by Ghulam Nabi Kumar is his second compilation after “Qadeem wa Jadeed Adbiyaat ” which has been published by Educational Publishing House Delhi.
This book comprises of 368 pages and has been dedicated by Ghulam Nabi Kumar to his teachers viz Prof Irtiza Kareem, Dr Mushtaq Qadri, Wehshi Syed and Farooq Muztar. A large number of distinguished authors, writers and critiques have penned their views on both the compilations of Ghulam Nabi Kumar because the contents and words through which the fabric of the book has been woven enhance both the taste and the knowledge of Urdu language and literature.
For Urdu lovers both these pieces prove not less than a precious gift. While studying these two books, one comes to know about the level and hardwork Gh Nabi Kumar has put to compile these.
This book “Urdu Ki Asri Sadaien” was released during a national Urdu Seminar on 18th October 2020 organised jointly by G N K Publications and Sheikh ul Alam Educational And Welfare Society J&K at Hotel Shahanshah Palace Beleauvard Srinagar. A large number of dignitaries, scholars, writers and Urdu lovers participated in the said book release function cum seminar.
There are 75 essays of diverse nature included in the book “Urdu Ki Asri Sadaien ” .While expressing his views on the book Dr Mushtaq Qadiri writes “Ghulam Nabi Kumar is one of the good critiques and writers among the new generation writers who has got a great recognition in literary field in a very short span of time. He has become much popular and famous among Urdu lovers of entire subcontinent.
While expressing the views about this good compilation in its foreword Prof Sadiq Ex HOD Delhi University writes “Ghulam Nabi Kumar is a shining star of second decade of 20th century. He very often writes his views about almost every new book which sees the light of the day. His articles and write-ups are being continuously published in high impact magazines and journals of the whole subcontinent. This is the reason that Ghulam Nabi Kumar has become a distinguished name in literary world which no one else of his age has succeeded to acquire.
He has written a well researched essay on Prof Majid Bedar in this book. He writes “there is no doubt in the fact that Dabistani Delhi and Dabistani Lukhnow has played a leading role in the progress and development of Urdu but at the same time role played by Decan can’t be ignored at any cost. It has added manure to the developing seedlings. Without making a mention of the Decan’s role , history of Urdu is entirely incomplete. There are some provinces in Decan which have reached to the level of Dabistan like Golkanda , Bejapore , Awrangabad etc etc.
Of the contents included in the book, an essay on Nawak Hamzapori written by Ghulam Nabi Kumar is worth for compliments. In this section of the compilation he writes ” Nawak Hamzapori a prominent poet, author and critique has written “Dasti Jinoon” which is a compilation of five essays based on criticism of Urdu literature. He has dedicated this compilation to his father namely Ghulam Rasool Hamzapori. In his very first article of the book Nawak Hamzapori has written a detailed and well researched story of country’s partition and it’s effects on the life of people who were divided.
Ghulam Nabi Kumar has penned an article under the heading “Showkat Pardesi Ki Mazmoon Nigaari” in this book. In this article he writes “Though Showkat Pardesi has been writing for a long time and his write-ups and articles have seen the light of the day in leading magazines and journal’s but he hasn’t given a book shape to his compositions. This is the reason , very few people have been benefited through his writings.
Ghulam Nabi Kumar has also written an essay on ” Hassan Nayeem” in this book Urdu Ki Asri Sadaien. He writes “Hassan Nayeem is regarded as the distinguished revolutionary poets of 20th century. He has given a new colour to the modern Urdu poetry.
One of the 75 essays which are the part of this book, has been written on Dr Haneef Tareen who passed away a couple of months ago( May his soul rest in peace ). He writes “In the beginning Dr Haneef Tareen compiled only some poems complimenting Almighty Allah and Prophet Mohammed (SAW) but later on he wrote poems and articles of different types and tastes which were well aclaimed by the readers. Dr Haneef Tareen has so for compiled a dozen of beautiful books of poetic compositions. His first poetic composition being ” Ababilein Wapas Nahi Aati” .
Among the non Muslim fiction writers, Deepak Budki is most famous and most popular. Ghulam Nabi Kumar has written a beautiful composition on Deepak Budki in this book. He writes ” Deepak Budki is a non Muslim Kashmiri fiction writer who is settled outside the valley now. His journey of literature, criticism, research and compositions is spread over five decades. Deepak Budki is a retired government official but during his service tenure he had a good literary taste. He has acquired a unique identity due to his interest and the work he has done as a researcher, fiction writer, critique and a reviewer. Deepak Budki’s seven publications have so far been published which are regarded not less than an encyclopeadia by the Urdu lovers.
About Hafiz Karnataki Ghulam Nabi Kumar writes in this book “Hafiz Karnataki is a distinguished literary figure of Urdu. He has compiled more than sixty books and few more compilations are near to their completion. He has been writing for several years and has got a global recognition. For children he has written some beautiful compositions.
Besides being a good author, writer and critique Ghulam Nabi Kumar is also the editor of quarterly magazine ” Panj Aab” which is getting published from Malerkotla Punjab. He is also assistant editor of ” Darbhanga Times” Bihar. He is editor of weekly adabnaman of Lazawal Urdu Daily of Jammu. He is chief editor of “Urdu World Srinagar” a non government online channel. A couple of years ago he has also formed a new platform for growth and development of Urdu literature and language in the form of “Sheikh ul Alam Educational And Welfare Society J&K “. Ghulam Nabi Kumar is the president of the said society.
(The author is a columnist, fiction writer, poet and teaches at Govt Secondary School Anderwan Ganderbal)

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