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Admin to be more responsive during winters: Div Com

Admin to be more responsive during winters: Div Com
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Srinagar: Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Saturday said that divisional administration has taken all measures to provide respite to the people during harsh winters.
Providing details about the winter preparedness program, the Divisional Kashmir Pandurang Kondbarao Pole said that all officials have been asked to be more responsive to the demands of the people.
While talking about the electricity problems which are quite common in winters in Kashmir, Pole said, “electricity consumption in Kashmir is more in winters as compared to summers here, the daily demand for the electricity is 2100MW, while as the availability remains only 1400 MW to 1500MW. As compared to last year, this year there has been the addition of 150MW, and till January there will be another addition of 120 MW in our total availability. Lassipora and Delina Grid station is in upgrading process which will give more stability to the system.”
He said this year Administration has kept a buffer stock of 700 transformers in 10 different districts of Kashmir.
“Earlier the Transformer Banks were kept in district Headquarters but this time we are going to keep the cluster of transformers for higher reach areas,” he added.
He said the Administration will try to replace damaged transformers with two or three days in towns and in rural areas the replacement will be attempted within 72 hours. “All the concerned departments have been calibrated and required material has been stored, moreover the Control Rooms have also been set up.”
Pole said that though the electricity requirement cannot be fulfilled, but Administration will make full attempts to make people comfortable.
P K Pole said people should stop and avoid using crude electric appliances as they damage the transformers. “People should use electricity judiciously,” he said.
In response to a question, PK Pole said that the shopkeepers who are selling the crude electric appliances will be dealt sternly and FIRs will be lodged against those involved in this trade and concerned departments will intensify the drive against those shopkeepers, they are hereby informed not to sell crude electric appliances.
Talking about the Srinagar Jammu National Highway and other Border roads which witness closure in winters, Pole said this has been taken care of and all the necessary work is in progress by concerned road agencies.
“The BRO and NHAI will attempt to keep the roads open for the maximum period,” he said.
As far as the 15000 KM road network in Valley is concerned two departments, PWD and Mechanical Engineering Wing have been allocated the work of snow clearance, he said.
“Kerosene, LPG, Petrol, food grains are available in sufficient quantity and there is nothing to worry about,” he said.
He said those involved in black marketing and illegal profiteering, will be dealt with sternly and FIRs will be lodged against them. “Concerned agencies have already been directed to act tough against violators,” he said.
While responding to a question, PK Pole said that as far as the rates of mutton are concerned the Administration has already decided the rates and non compliance will be dealt as per the law. (KNT)

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