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Books-the wisest of counsellors

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Mohammad Hussain Khan

Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body. The most nourishing and the richest food for mind is the reading a book. Books are always source of pleasure. They are golden mines of art, literature, science, psychology, philosophy, religion etc.
They instruct us in times of need, they thrill us when we are dull, they absorb us completely when we feel all sad and solitary. They indeed are our never failing friends. They stand by us through thick and thin. They embalm the wounded hearts, encourage the disgusted ones and guide those who have gone astray in life. They are accessible to all, at all times and in all moods. They are areal wonderful companions for those who are lonely.
The so called friends may deceive you, take you to that deep depression where no one else does the wonder but the books will save you from such a deadly depression. They will answer you according to your mind. And once in their ever inspiring company you can say the whole world with a head high if all alone but never lonely. Really the books keep us occupied in such a way as to make us oblivious for our own selves.
After a tiring day, everybody wants to relax but nothing like the habit of relaxing with books. They are a great source of entertainment and recreation. They share our joys and sorrows. Not only this we too feel ourselves so much identified with their characters, that in their sorrows we cry and shed tears and in their happiness we feel joyous.
What a life giving message, the discouraged one gets by reading. Really the library is centre of learning and source of pleasure. With its excellent academic, peaceful and educative atmosphere a library is a place of peace, contentment, inspiration etc. The serenity all around keeps the senses intact and important in the men to create something unique and something marvellous.
Reading books can introduce a new charm in life. A book indeed is the precious life blood of a master mind. Reading not only puts before us the great ideals and lofty aspirations but also shows the ways as to how the great men of the world reached their destination despite the heavy odds in their way.
Books are friends of all — rich or poor, high or low. They are always at our beck and call. We may read them for hours together but they will never get fed up with us, we may take them anywhere with us. They will never question. It may be scorching heat of the sun or the chilled winter. They will never refuse to accompany us. It may be in desert, in a forest or in an airplane, in the railway compartment, in a bus or stuck to our own room books provide the real company.
Dependence on men have ditched many. Men generally do not come upto expectations. No wonder hopes are dashed to the ground, trust is betrayed and commitment is belied. But books are our best friends, the most trusted guide, the most reliable source to seek inspiration to march ahead in life. They are indeed ever ready to oblige us. They contain the best experience and the noblest thoughts of the writers. Really how lucky that person is who has genuine taste for really good books.
Books are treasured wealth of the fit inheritance of generations and nations. To get best out of our reading, it is necessary that books should be properly and carefully chosen. Reading makes the full man but to be that man we must befriend the best books. So we must opt the best books. We should read the great books which have not been swept by the passage of time. Such books are truly the wisest counsellors.
As far as possible our efforts should be to read the well known and famous literature only. By falling into the habit of reading cheap and inferior books reading can become a curse as well. It will poison the stream of our thoughts and turn away their innocence to devilish deeds. Therefore it is only reading great books which makes us great.
A genuine pleasure comes from understanding what we read. No doubt it requires a hard training and the disciplining of the mind. But once this art is developed there is no end to the satisfaction and pleasure which we derive from reading. Reading great books really revels us when we are sad, gives us company when we are alone, shows us the way when we feel lost and inspires us to do. Something to earn name and fame in life. Really books are the plane, the train, the road, the destination, the journey and above all the wisest counsellors.
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