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JK grappling with economic, psychological and emotional crisis: Iltija Mufti

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Says PM Modi is being mislead on Kashmir

New Delhi: In the seven months since the abrogation of provisions of Article 370 of the Constitution, Jammu and Kashmir has grappled with an economic, psychological and emotional crisis, Iltija Mufti, daughter of incarcerated former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, said on Tuesday.
Speaking at a press conference, she said Article 370 was Kashmir’s “emotional connect” with the rest of India, and its abrogation has come at a great cost.
“I am talking not just as Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter, but also as an anguished Kashmiri. We all know what has been happening since Article 370 was abrogated.
“It was an emotional connect for Kashmiris with the rest of the country and that was abrogated. The clampdown had a huge cost and Jammu and Kashmir is grappling with an economic, psychological and emotional crisis,” she said.
She alleged the Narendra Modi government was “spreading misinformation” about the condition of Kashmiris.
“I really think the government is indulging in propaganda and spreading misinformation. The rest of the country and the envoys who visited Kashmir were told that we enjoy equal rights but in reality you can’t even use VPN in Kashmir right now.
“I have respect for the prime minister as everybody else should. But I feel very sad that he is being misled or he is willfully misleading the country. What rights do Kashmiris have right now?” she asked.
Her mother and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti was detained after provisions Article 370 was withdrawn on August 5 last year and Jammu and kashmir was divided into two union territories.
She said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was either being misled or he was “intentionally misleading the country”.
“I respect PM Modi. But I don’t know if he is being misled or he is misleading the country intentionally,” Iltija said, addressing a press conference in New Delhi.
She said that though people of Kashmir are angry with local political leaders like Mufti and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, “they are angrier with the central government”.
“Let Amit Shah go there and see by himself,” Iltija said.
Iltija’s mother, who spent past six months under house arrest was been booked under the Public Safety Act, a stringent law allowing detention without trial for up to two years.
Mufti has been accused of “glorifying militants” and being “divisive” in the government dossier supporting her detention and booking under the stringent PSA.
The dossier also notes that the flag of Mufti’s party, PDP, has “radical origin” owing to its green colour.
“The subject is referred for her dangerous and insidious machinations and usurping profile and nature by the masses as ‘daddy’s girl’,” it says. The document also compares her to “Kota Rani” based on a historical medieval queen of Kashmir who rose to power by the virtue of undertaking intrigues including the poisoning of her opponents.
Iltija said she has pinned her hopes in the courts. “It is up to them to live up to their oath,” she said. (with inputs from PTI)

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