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Seamy side of our nature

Seamy side of our nature
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God has ingrained special attributes in human beings like the feeling of love, sympathy, pity etc

Farhad Ahmad Pir

People in the universe can live only in association with another. Man cannot live alone. He always feels happy in the company of his dear ones. His whole life passes on in taking care of one another.

God has ingrained special attributes in human beings like the feeling of love, sympathy, pity etc. These feelings are visible in our relationships with others. It begins from mother to her children, father to children, sister to brother, vice versa and other relations. Only that person is recognized as a truly human being whose heart is filled profusely with God given ingredients. The true essence of life rests on these elements. If we lack and do not take them seriously then we are not worth the name to be called a human.

These human characteristics in us must not be limited to only human species but it ought to extend to other living species. We ought to have a deep sympathy for animals, birds, harmless insects and other living species.

In everyday life we encounter on daily basis with streets dogs, cats, cows, goats, horses etc, and birds like hen, pigeon, sparrow and others who are easy to our reach and prey. Taking care of them is not only useful for us in many ways but it gives us inner satisfaction by various means like when we feed a famished dog. This helping nature enhances our understanding in solving the problems of one another.

This characteristic is ingrained mostly in the people from outsiders; they are more laden with love for other species. This wing of humanity of outsiders is highly welcomed and we must try to infuse and give place to likeness for animals and other beings in the same way.

 A large number of people in our society have the sense of taking the care of other beings that are in need of anything like food and shelter and sometimes we put our life in danger to save the helpless creatures.

People with heroic qualities should be appreciated and rewarded and we must feel proud that our society is comprised of people having that sense. It gives a positive message to other societies, it must force others to think, where people are taking care of other living beings how much care they must be doing one another.

Not only this, the denizens here have more sympathetic and pitiful nature not only to one another but we have the same respect for outsiders who visit us. We do not consider them strange and alien. But handful of people’s behavior towards other species is unsympathetic and pitiless. Such behavior is a grave concern.

Unfortunately, there are a good amount of ignoramus people in our society who lack desperately the feelings for other species. They hate other species to an extent that they want their complete cleansing.

They consider them their staunch enemy. Most victims are dogs and cats. People with such nature do not like their presence. They mostly throw stones at them unreasonably without thinking how much pain it inflicts upon them.

If we are unable to feed them at least we should not hurt them pointlessly. Some dogs are hit by kicking them which break their bones and for months they live with that pain, even some take pleasure, mostly children who throw stones at the legs of dogs while practicing their throws.

Other pet animals like cows, goats, sheep and hen, these last ones become target only by our utmost negligence. These speechless creatures when enter into other’s grasslands and yards, such animals get good amount of beating and abusing. Would we have a true sense we should not pointlessly beat the innocent and speechless creation of God.

Not only this once I was riding on a Tonga which is pulled by a single horse. It was riding slowly because horse was pulling the carriage slowly. The Tonga driver got angry with the horse’s slow speed. He told us that this breed does not understand without beating. While saying this, he suddenly took out the whip from his side and lifted it in the air so high and continuously thrashed the horse on his back and head ruthlessly. He abused and fought with it like he was fighting with his arch enemy.

The beaten horse staggered from the road because of the inhuman beating of its owner. This fearful and staggering activity of the horse filled more inhumanity in a Tonga driver. He stepped down from the Tonga and started hitting the bony and lean legs of the horse so savagely, as such, the horse could not stand on its legs anymore, it fell down like a sleeping child on the road with a heavy weight of the carriage, it added more pain to the speechless creature.

It is a single incident, there are many other inhuman incidents that are regularly taking place and we encounter them on a daily basis but if we have any humanity left in us we should not let them unaddressed.

We need to stop this inhuman behavior regarding animals and make the ignorant people aware about speechless creations that they too have life and feel pain when we hit them. If we have to live we should generate some sympathy and likeness for such animals. If we are living, let we ought other’s species of God to live as well.

(The author teaches at Government Degree College Leh. He contributes to Kashmir Vision)

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