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Pathetic public transport system

Pathetic public transport system
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The public transport system in Jammu and Kashmir can be easily termed as worst. Not only are the approved vehicles unfit for public use but the way they have been maintained and are being allowed to run is simply pitiable.
What has worsened the situation is the callous attitude adopted by the government on this crucial issue. The state of affairs of the public transport system is reflected by the number of mishaps and road accidents that are taking place in the region.
Not only are the mishaps showing an increased trend with every passing day but the fatalities due to it are also increasing tremendously. Still the government fails to take some measures and officials are busy planning their next steps without any solution in sight.
However, it seemed that after a much prolonged delay the government tried to wake up to the immediate attention that the sector needs. The Government it was learnt was mulling a proposal to register public transport vehicles fitted with GPS system and panic buttons from April 1 last year.
The transport department also rolled out a process of setting up a radar surveillance system to monitor passenger vehicles when the GPS is fitted with them.
The software that will be setup in Transport Commissioner’s office was being developed by Center for Developing Advanced Computing under ‘Suraksha Mitra’ to track, locate and give real time data of vehicles.
The demand for the use of public transport is ever increasing as it is the people’s top choice as a mode of transportation as it offers flexibility and freedom to the commuters. It also helps people save money, ease traffic congestion, and even help reduce pollution levels.
To maximize efficiency and profitability of public transport service world over, the system is being modernized and upgraded using the latest technology such as GPS tracking. Monitoring the vehicles using GPS system can help improve public transportation.
The use of GPS in buses allows commuters to view the real-time location of the buses and the estimated time of arrival. Using the device’s live map tracking system, the authorities will be able to check whether the vehicles are on schedule. Traffic conditions can also be viewed on the map, allowing to reroute the bus in case it’s needed.
Another GPS tracker feature can help improve public transportation is the live alert feature. It will help the authorities to ensure the bus and the passenger’s safety. For instance, geo-fencing automatic alert will notify if the bus deviates from its pre-assigned route. Speed alert will also help in curbing rash driving and the driver can be alerted well in time and mishaps can be averted.
However, all this will need meticulous planning and execution for which the government authorities need to be prepared well in advance.

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