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Govt takes full responsibility to safeguard interests of Kashmiris: Madhav

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Jammu: Reaching out to the people of Kashmir with the message “every Kashmiri is ours”, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav assured them that the Modi government has taken up the responsibility to safeguard their interests on land and culture.
He termed Article 370 “anti-people and biggest hurdle” in the development of Jammu and Kashmir, trashing the allegation the provision was revoked to own the land but not the people. He said only 200-250 people are in preventive detention and that this was temporary.
Madhav said scrapping Article 370, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, has started a new chapter of development based on Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals of non-violence and unity.
“The interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, their land, their culture and their development, whatever is their interest, the full responsibility of safeguarding these (interests) is taken up by the government led by Modiji,” he said at an event here.
He said there is no reason to doubt it.
“This step has been taken in the interest of the people of Kashmir. In the name of Gandhiji, this government is dedicated to people,” he said.
The BJP leader said the government’s steps with regard to Kashmir are meant to ensure peace, progress and development for each and every member of the last village in Kashmir.
“This is reason for Modi ji to take such steps. For us, every Kashmiri is a member of the family of this country,” he added.
Trying to strike a chord with the people of Kashmir, Madhav said every Kashmiri is theirs and every step is taken to change their destiny.
“When we say Jammu and Kashmir is ours, it does not mean only land is ours. We say every Kashmir is ours,” he said.
Madhav said Jammu and Kashmir has entered a new era after the abrogation of Article 370. “The step that should have normally been taken seven decades ago is being taken by Modiji after 72 years,” he said, adding J&K is now a full-fledged part of India, like any other state.
Calling on the people to start a new chapter of development in Jammu and Kashmir based on Gandhi’s ideals of non-violence and unity, he said they should move forward to achieve new heights.
On the detentions, he said 200-250 people are in preventive custody and it is a temporary measure. “They will get back their political rights when situation will become conducive. They will soon come out. It is the administration (which will) decide it,” he said.
He said it is important for them to ensure “free flow” of political rights for each and every person, even in villages, not just about rights of some selected people.
“It is with this aim to provide political rights to all people that we have to put some people in detention. It is done for a big aim,” he added.
He said whatever measures have been taken are temporary.
“This (J&K) will be a full-fledged state and will move forward on the path of development,” he said. (PTI)

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