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Two-day training programme on Cyber Law begins

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SRINAGAR: Aimed to create awareness and to give insight into techno-legal aspects of cyber regime,a two-day training programme on Cyber Law including Cyber crimes, Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security organised by Jammu and Kashmir State Judicial Academy began Saturday at District Court Complex Srinagar, Mominabad.
The training programme was inaugurated by Justice Ali Mohammed Magrey.
In his inaugural address Justice Magrey said that we are entering into entirely a different world in near future which shall be driven by cyber technology. It is the virtual world that shall take over, pushing the real world in the background. People have started living their virtual life. This brings into picture the role of cyber security. It has two aspects; preventive and investigative. Cybercrime is difficult to detect and training of stakeholders in justice dispensation is important to address those issues. He also said that in last two decades, “We had smart phones and computer with internet and every detail from personal to professional remains in these gadgets. Bad people with criminal mindset are also misusing these devices, so we need to take necessary security and protective measures to prevent its misuse, monitor it operations and provide proper deterrence to prevent recurrence of such offences.
The training Programme was attended by District Judges, Sub Judges, Munsifs, Investigating officers, officers from Anti-Corruption Bureau, Officers from Law dept., Public Prosecutors.
Satyajit Vagala from National Institute of Smart Governance and Sandeep Mudulkar and Yogesh Pandit renowned experts on Cyber Law and Security conducted the Training Programme.
In various technical sessions, the resource persons discussed various aspects of cyber law, cyber technology and cyber crimes. They also discussed open source resources available and being utilized by cyber security experts to detect cyber crimes. They also gave practical demonstration of investigative inputs and the resultant outputs in unraveling truth in cyber and non-cyber crimes.
Technical sessions shall continue on second day as well.
Director, J&K, State Judicial Academy, Rajeev Gupta said that the aim of the training programme was to train Judicial Officers, Public Prosecutors, Investigating Officers and Law officers who are crucial stakeholders in justice delivery system.

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