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‘Militants should target corrupt’ statement made out of anger: Guv Malik

‘Militants should target corrupt’ statement made out of anger: Guv Malik
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Says blood boils at corruption in JK

Srinagar: A day after his remark that militants should stop killing innocent people and target the corrupt, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday said he should have refrained from making the comment but it was triggered purely by anger.
Malik asserted that many politicians and bureaucrats are neck deep in corruption and he had ordered an investigation in which two or three former ministers are being probed.
His “blood boils” at the levels of corruption in the state, Malik told PTI over phone from Nubra in Ladakh region. He also said he should not have made the comment as constitutional head of the state but it did reflect his feelings and he will repeat the same things when he is not governor.
“As a governor I should have refrained from making such statements but it was purely out of anger. My blood boils at seeing the level of corruption in the state… where the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer.”
“Today, I am the governor of the state and tomorrow I may be an ordinary citizen of this country. My views will not change. I can express my opinion as an individual about the level of malpractice in this state,” Malik, who is touring Kargil and Leh, added.
The governor said the Crime Branch and the Anti-Corruption Branch are investigating two or three former ministers.
“If they are found guilty, I will ensure that they are not spared. I will not see what party they belong to.
“I may not have adequate powers according to the state laws but I will not hesitate to seek special powers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I will go to every extent to make this a corruption free state,” he said.
On Sunday, Malik stoked controversy during his address at a function in Kargil in Ladakh.
“These boys who have picked up guns are killing their own people, they are killing PSOs (personal security officer) and SPOs (special police officers). Why are you killing them? Kill those who have looted the wealth of Kashmir. Have you killed any of them?” Malik had asked.
On Monday, he said without taking names that some people have residences in Kashmir, Delhi and other parts of the country besides having a house in foreign nations as well as investment in shares and companies.
“Where has this money come from?” he asked.
His statement comes a few days after the Crime Branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police questioned senior PDP leader Naeem Akhthar for his role in allotment of tenders as Public Works Department minister.
National Conference leader Omar Abdullah was quick to respond to Malik’s Sunday remark.
“Save this tweet – after today any mainstream politician or serving/retired bureaucrat killed in J&K has been murdered on the express orders of the Governor of J&K Satyapal Malik,” Abdullah said on the microblogging site.
The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said the governor should check out his own reputation in Delhi before sanctioning unlawful killings.
“This man, ostensibly a responsible man occupying a constitutional position, tells militants to kill politicians perceived to be corrupt.
“Perhaps the man should find out about his own reputation in Delhi these days before sanctioning unlawful killings & kangaroo courts,” he said.
Reacting to Abdullah’s criticism, Malik said he did not wish to take any certificate from the former chief minister who is behaving childishly.
“I am at the Constitutional post because of my reputation in Delhi. It will be better if he speaks about himself and where is he now,” Malik said. (PTI)

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