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Late marriages phenomenon is alarming, disturbing

Late marriages phenomenon is alarming, disturbing
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“Marriage is my Sunnah and whosoever turns away from Sunnah is not of me.” Noble Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Javaid Jafri

Creator has bestowed the world with unlimited treasures and marriage is one among the best treasure, which turns unknown souls into strong, affectionate and loveable relationship.
Marriage is a great blessing which every human being must enjoy and practice through legally. The idea of marriage is something that we have planted in our brains since we were kids, without shadow of doubt marriage is the reason this piece is in front of you and you are able to read the same right now and it is impossible to ignore the topic. Because I feel that marriage is something that really needs to be re-defined in today’s modern era.
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says marriage is my Sunnah and whosoever turns away from Sunnah is not of me. Indeed man has freedom of will through which he can choose whichever woman he wishes to marry and without this one’s life is totally incomplete.
“Marriages are made in heaven” is an extremely famous quote but I could never agree with it. The nikkah ceremony is indeed an important occasion in our social life, when the couple starts a legal contract/agreement and decides to begin a new life together. This beautiful union ushers in a new era of happiness, bliss and mutual relationship, it is the starting of taking on new responsibilities and building new relationships which leads this contemporary world with population and by this way world will move on until the Day of Judgment.
Generally we all have heard many times that we should get married before it’s too late. There are different definitions of different people for late marriage in this world; for some late marriage means if you have crossed the age of 25 then you are late, and if you have crossed 30 then you are late.
It is not if you are late then you are doing a crime, but keeping in view the present scenario and circumstance of society it is obligatory to get married at (proper time) early age to save ourselves from different devilish activities. As per experts marriage should be solemnized at proper time, otherwise that could be the reason for us to resort to the illegal and useless activities.
Unfortunately some may get indulged in an illegal relationship with opposite sex by physical appearance and emotions which surely diverts the important studies and present task and ultimately fails to achieve the target as well as goal and ruins once precious future and life.
Marriage increases our wealth
One of the ways to increase our sustenance (rizq) is through marriage. It will be a surprise to many brothers and sisters which are reading this piece. Perhaps this is because of the fact that one’s poor financial situation in our times is the main reason that prevents a person from marriage.
And the irony of the fact is that marriage is one of the easiest way in which a Muslim can guarantee an increase in rizq (or sustenance or wealth) from Allah (SWT). But unfortunately the mindset of our society has been changed completely and damaged. Allah said in Quran: “And marry those among you who are single (male and female). If they be poor, Allah will enrich them out his bounty,” [surah Nur,24,32].This verse is a strong encouragement to get married and not to worry about becoming poor because Allah will help increase their sustenance and wealth.
Mostly boys and girls are really willing to get married on proper time. In fact some parents are willing as well but the present custom is working as a kind of barrier for them, and by this way they fail to respond the important marriage proposals of their life.
It is unquestionable that our present and day by day increasing fictitious customs of our society have ruined many lives so far. In Srinagar city alone around ten thousands of girls have crossed marriageable age (A survey conducted by a Kashmir based trust).
For this phenomenon we are wholly and solely responsible by different ways and means as we know that there is no doubt that, we make our marriage very costly and dangerous with full of devilish customs like Thap, Lakitnishen, Biedhnisheen, Boudhdoah, Mallamiaz Mehdi raat,Baraat. Phirsaal, KokarLiejh, Badamliphap, Iftiyaarmajma, Gevenwoel, job, caste system, house etc not a single one has anything to do with Islam.
We forget the saying of our Prophet (PBUH) “ The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses.”
Girls must be married at right time! The noble prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has said “virgin girls are like fruits on trees. If not plucked in time, the sun will rot them and the wind will disperse them. When girls reach maturity and their sexual instincts arise, like that of women, their only remedy is marriage. If they aren’t married, they are prone to moral corruption. It is because they are human beings and human beings are prone to making mistakes” There is a very subtle message in this saying of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Another issue nowadays is that the trend has shifted, some parents are compromising with their asinine girls which are more excited to explore themselves such as getting well paid job, travelling lonely outside with their male friends, fulfilling their personal materialistic desires and ensure a capable life with couple of male friends which is temporarily, rather give priority to the legal relationship and this becomes the cause of rampage in society.
(The writer is a freelancer)

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