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Shopian shuts on tenth anniversary of Asiya, Nelofar

Shopian shuts on tenth anniversary of Asiya, Nelofar
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Family says it is still waiting for Justice

Shopian: Shopian district of southern Kashmir on Thursday observed a complete shutdown on the 10th death anniversary of double rape and murder incident involving Asiya and Nelofar.
On intervening night 29 and 30 May 2009, Asiya 17 and Nelofar 22, sisters in law were allegedly raped and murdered and their dead bodies was retrieved from a local rivulet, Ranbiara.
According to their family, the incident happened when both were returning from their orchard in Nagbal area, about 2 kms from main Shopian, where they were caught, raped and murdered and their bodies thrown into a nearby rivulet Ranbiara.
Against this incident Shopian witnessed a shutdown for about three months.
Shakeel Ahmad Ahanger, brother of Asiya and husband of Nilofar said that they no longer trust the judicial system and we know that there is no justice for us.
“Eyewitnesses were threatened and harassed that lead to change in the eyewitness statements, otherwise it is crystal clear who the culprits are” he added.
“Nobody was spared, whosoever spoke about justice and forwarded factual reports and facts was framed in one case or the other case by the so called caretakers of judiciary that include advocates, doctors, my elder brother and our neighbor,” he added.
“I will keep fighting and seek justice for my sister and wife till my last breath and won’t succumb to any pressure,” Ahanger added.
Father of Asiya, Abdul Gani Ahanger said on fourth day of the incident, former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, who was in opposition in year 2009 came to our house and assured that justice would be done however, after playing dirty politics with the blood of my daughters they came in power and their assurances proved hoax on ground.
“When she was in opposition every year on death anniversary of my daughters, she was protesting at press enclave to demand justice for the victims however, after she came into power she no longer talked about the case,” he added.
“We don’t want any money and we won’t sell the chastity of daughters for dirty notes,” he said while adding that these politicians know only how to suck blood of Kashmiri people and nobody among them is sympathizer of a common Kashmiri,” he added.
“We have received several death threats for fighting and seeking justice,” he added.
“Suzain son of Shakeel and Nelofar, who is now twelve and was just two when the tragedy struck this family is now fully aware about the incident however, he never says anything about it,” says his father Shakeel.
“He prefers to stay alone and talks very less” while adding that he does not mingle with other kids neither at home nor at school as he is going through a psychological trauma,” he adds.
Pertinently, this case was initially investigated by Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Jammu and Kashmir Police and later the case was handed over to India’s premier investigating agency CBI.
CBI in its report, while ruling out the possibility of rape and murder, had termed drowning as the cause of their death however, their report failed to hold ground.
Meanwhile all shops, schools and business establishments remained closed in the district while as traffic also remained off the roads.

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