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Urs of Hazrat Sheikh Dawood Sahib (RA) observed

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Srinagar: The annual Urs Mubarak of Hazrat Sheikh Dawood Sahib (RA) popularly known as Batamoal Sahib (RA) was on Tuesday observed with religious fervor in Srinagar areas.
The devotees in large number thronged the shrine here in Batamaloo area of Srinagar and participated in the special prayers there. The devotees including women, men, children and old were seen paying obeisance and offering special prayers at the shrine.
The devotees also recited verse of holy Quran.
On the occasion, the religious clerics threw light on the teachings and life of the saint, commonly known as Batamoal Sahib (RA). The saint as per the Ulemas has devoted his entire life for Islam.
Notably, Kashmir has produced a galaxy of great saints who have enriched, elevated and refined life and helped the people at large in distress. Kashmir is also known as ‘Peer Vear’, the land of saints.
The saints have served the poor, destitute and needy ones in particular.
Like other saints, Hazrat Sheikh Dawood Sahib (RA) is also known for serving the humanity in general.
Islamic scholars said that as Srinagar was being frequently witnessing shortage of food, Batamoal sahib (RA) during the period started praying and used to cook food in a big vessel which would be enough to feed scores of people who would throng to the area. The people especially living nearer to the Batamoal Sahib (RA) shrine use to cook dried vegetables, eggs, cheese and other food stuff except meat on the Urs of Batamoal sahib (RA) and invite their relatives on lunch or dinner to keep the tradition of the saint alive. (KNS)

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