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Congress alone can defeat fascist forces: Mir

Congress alone can defeat fascist forces: Mir
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Says PDP other opportunist parties playing with emotions of people

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Chief, G A Mir has asserted that the party was fighting the ongoing Lok Sabha elections against the “divisive forces and the communal agenda of BJP RSS”.
Mir, who is the party’s candidate for south Kashmir’s Anantnag parliamentary seat, said this while addressing public meetings at Panzgam Nad, Varel Kund in Devsar Assembly Constituency in District Kulgam.
He claimed that Congress was “capable enough to defeat the communal and fascist forces both in the country and state hell bent upon to abrogate Special Status granted to J&K”.
Mir hit out at the PDP, BJP for being “opportunist” and “misleading people on various sensitive issues concerning J&K for electoral gains”.
He alleged that the “policy of falsehood and deceit adopted by these opportunist parties has made the lives of people in Kashmir impossible”.
Mir sought the people’s support “to put an end to the drama being staged by PDP, from time to time to generate sympathy after failing people on all fronts”.
Asking them to “remain vigilant about the designs of PDP and other opportunist parties who were fully dependent on falsehood and deceit to exploit people to serve their vested interests”, Mir alleged that people of south Kashmir and elsewhere in J&K “have realized as to what PDP was doing to mislead them again”.
Mir was accompanied by senior Congress leaders Haji Abdul Rashid Dar, Mohammad Amin Bhat, Hilal Ahmad Shah, Vinod Koul, Farooq Ahmad Bhat, Adv Hashim and others.
He asserted that Congress will protect the special status of the J&K State “and will ensure equitable development of all the three regions”.
Mir lashed out at BJP Chief, Amit Shah for repeatedly raking up the issues of Art 370 in his election rallies,
While Shah raked up the sensitive issue to “mislead people on this count”, Mir said, “The fact of the matter remains that BJP cannot even touch it as the Art 370 works as a bridge between State and the Centre”.
“Besides that, it has the emotional binding with the people in J&K,” he added.
“Whatever Narendra Modi or Amit Shah say in their rallies for public consumption is far from reality. Both Modi and Amit Shah want to change the narrative, which will be defeated tooth and nail,” Mir said.
He said the “communal and fascist forces were hell bent upon to divide the people of JK on religious and regional lines”.
Congress, he said was the “only unifying force in the Country and State will thwart their designs”.
Mir also hit out at PDP for “ensuring inroads to BJP RSS in the State” and said that “many right thinking people had advised PDP leadership not to align with the BJP, which has remained hell bent to abrogate Special status for gaining political mileage in the Country”.
“But the PDP leadership turned deaf ear and compromised on their core agenda for the sake of coming into the power, which has disappointed people at large scale,” Mir said.
He appealed the people to “use the opportunity of the present elections to defeat the political exploitation & deceit on the part of PDP and others”.
Mir accused the PDP for being “fully responsible for prevailing situation in valley especially in South Kashmir”.
Ex MLA Devsar, Mohammad Amin Bhat said on the occasion that during its three and half years’ rule, the PDP had “left no stone unturned to loot people especially in South Kashmir, who whole-heartedly supported PDP”.
“In response to their votes, they were betrayed and failed on every count,” he alleged.
Mir said PDP “preferred favouritism, nepotism and corruption by not caring about the rising unemployment, as a result of which the youth were feeling dejected” Bhat said.
Among others who were present on this occasion included Zamir Ahmad Mir, Shiraz Ahmad, Amanullah Mantoo,

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