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Youth in Kashmir are under the grip of frustration, disillusionment

Youth in Kashmir are under the grip of frustration, disillusionment
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The vision of our country lies in the hands of our youth. They are filled with marvelous and soaring ambitions. Therefore, ultimate loss of a nation is not the loss of wealth but human resource if it is not utilized properly or given an opportunity to exercise their talent.
Unfortunately, youth in Kashmir are faced with circumstances that are coupled with notorious war hysteria. This deadly ferocious conflict creates an atmosphere which stunts economic growth, destroys civic life and sows seeds of cynicism, frustration and maligns future generations.
Youth in Kashmir according to new studies are more vulnerable to frustration than any other states of India. There is one soldier for every seven Kashmiris. Kashmir is the most militarized region in the world. There is a strong resentment in the youth against the forces. The continued and strong presence of the security forces in the valley is fuelling the anger and frustration in the Youth. However, frustration could take place under two circumstances:
• When the biological, psychological and social needs of the youth are not fulfilled or satisfied and
• When an individual faces conflicting situations or moral dilemmas.
To meet the above destiny youth of Kashmir are ignored by politicians at home and are abandoned by the authorities. Neither country, India as well as Pakistan showed much regard for the people caught in the middle. They have grown up in a society where civil and political life has been hollowed out by conflict. They have less recourse to political processes that might address their grievances.
Schools, colleges and universities responsible for preparing future leadership and workforce – face a number of challenges in Kashmir in providing young people with the skills required for future employment.
Curricula and pedagogical techniques have changed little in 40 years and no longer reflect the present reality and needs of the region. Graduates often find that their skills do not match the available jobs. The situation is not conducive to start new businesses nor do they have the requisite avenues to do so.
Dolefully, architect of the development are engaged in hectic efforts to attract voters — like making promises of employment, development, regional autonomy, corruption free governance, restoration of ‘Prime Ministership’ and accountability. Parents who give their kids a free hand in continuing their studies by supporting them with the required provisions are much more flexible to crack any competitive exams than those whose parents are behind the bars, once persecuted, maimed or killed.
Down to the mouth, youth of Kashmir, believes they have been deluded, fiddled and humiliated. Frustrated with dilemma, are now ambiguous about their future predictions. However, too dark to forego…
Technically, this bilateral war put the youth on stake in a sophisticated way in order to be backward and handicapped… Analogous the way British used to be with them. Although Britain was a mighty empire but the cocktail of Hindu- Muslims (Undivided India) were courageous enough to fight with the cause unlike our leaders who gulp down farrago with whom they posed to be foes.
However, it is ostensible and without laud that Kashmir is considered as one of superabundant soil fertility in the world. It still produces dazzling and genius scholars whose capaciousness rides apace and are really the future architect and main assets of Kashmir.
However, they could be best- scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Scholars and off-course best administrative officers. Nevertheless, Kashmir has a dynamic diaspora in the major countries of the world that are representing Kashmiris composite culture and voice.
Contemporarily youth of Kashmiri need to focus on their studies and compete at national as well as international level. In fact, it is an imperative and need of the hour in order to represent the sentiments at international level and could be able to plead their case at the forefront of any court within or outside the country.
Since youth are the main asset of Kashmir they ought to take time by the fore lock. Together they could moralise the entire generation and get things on track.
Human sufferings are always simple when we reconsider them with retrospect. Hence, retrospection is a biggest tool to be remorseful about! I pray to Almighty Allah “Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which Thou didst lay on those before us; our Lord! lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. (Ameen).

(The writer is a Research Scholar)

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