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Uphold secularism, isolate divisive forces: NC

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DARHAL: National Conference (NC) on Wednesday stressed the crucial need of upholding secularism and isolating divisive forces, urging the people to unite and foil the machinations of elements inimical to peace and tranquility.
“Fragmenting society into bits and pieces in the name of religion and region is against the idea of Jammu and Kashmir and its most cherished composite ethos”, Provincial President Devender Singh Rana said while addressing a public meeting here this afternoon.
Rana said that those dividing the society on the basis of religion under the garb of ultra-nationalism were actually doing dis-service to the nation. He expressed concern over arrogant posturing of some elements under the mistaken belief of serving national interest and said this in fact harms the spirit of togetherness and tranquility.
He said the state will progress only when the society at large maintains its time-tested heritage and isolates those creating wedge for petty political ends.
“Time has come when forces inimical to peace and unity are completely isolated”, MrRana said, adding that political myopism can have dangerous ramifications for the country and the state like Jammu and Kashmir.
Speaking on the occasion, senior leader and former minister Ajay Kumar Sadhotraemphasised the need for strengthening secular forces, saying this is imperative in a diverse state like Jammu and Kashmir which has undergone a traumatic phase due to disturbances.
Sadhotra said unity among people is essential for harmonious growth of the state, adding that divisive politics can endanger the social fabric, cause disenchantment and vitiate communal harmony.
He said the state cannot afford division between communities this can progress only when people of all faiths and regions get fair deal and equal treatment in all spheres.
In his address, NC Central Secretary Rachpal Singh urged the National Conference cadre to work for forging amity between various segments of society and fighting divisive tendencies, as inclusiveness has all along been its fort.
“National Conference is a movement which has taken everyone all along and never differentiated between the people on the basis of region or religion and therefore it is incumbent upon its entire cadre to rise above politics and work for the overall betterment of the state,” Rachpal Singh maintained.
Speaking on the occasion, Advocate ChoudhryLiaqat said that time has come when secular forces should teach a befitting lesson to communal and opportunistic elements. He said politics of deceit and divisiveness has exposed anti-people political parties which have been hobnobbing clandestinely in the recent past to destabilise the state.

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