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PSA on Yasin Malik is ‘travesty of democracy, human rights’: JKLF

PSA on Yasin Malik is ‘travesty of democracy, human rights’: JKLF
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Srinagar: To discuss the arrests and slapping of PSA on Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Muhammad Yasin Malik, the amalgam on Thursday met United Kingdom Foreign office in London and United Nations Human rights (UNHR) officials in Geneva, a spokesman said.

JKLF spokesman said its diplomatic head Professor Zaffar Khan led delegation held a meeting with United Kingdom Foreign office in London while another delegation led by Zonal President EU Choudhary Tanveer and comprising of Masood Mir, Naseem Iqbal and Mushtaq Devan held a meeting with United Nations Human rights (UNHR) officials in Geneva against slapping PSA on JKLF chairman and ‘ill-treatment’ meted out to him and others in jails and interrogation centers and other human rights violation in Jammu Kashmir.

JKLF president UK Zone Sabir-Gul also led a protest outside Indian High Commission in London today.

“Booking JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik under Public Safety Act (PSA), shifting him to Kot-Balwal Jail, putting him into solitary confinement and thus endangering his life has raised many questions about the intentions of the Indian government,” JKLF said, adding that the international community should denounce and stop violence unleashed by states against peaceful democratic activities.

Terming the arrest of Malik and thousands of other as ‘undemocratic and illegal’, JKLF leaders Professor Zaffar Khan, Choudhary Tanveer, Sabir-Gul emphasized upon the need of immediate intervention by the international community to save democratic voices of the people of Jammu Kashmir from Indian aggression, ensure an early and safe release of JKLF chairman and others from jails and stop killing spree in Kashmir.

JKLF leaders said that Malik has been booked under PSA that is an ‘arbitrary law’, adding that booking a peaceful political leader of the stature of Muhammad Yasin Malik under an ‘arbitrary and draconian law’ and putting him into solitary confinement by the world’s biggest democracy called India can only be termed as ‘a travesty of democracy and human rights’.

Leaders said that if suppressing peaceful dissent by jailing political leadership is a democracy then what can one call tyranny and dictatorship of Hitler and Mussolini who used the same tactics to suppress people’s voices.

Condemning the ‘custodial killing’ of a school teacher Rizwan Asad Pandith, JKLF leaders said that “International community should denounce and stop violence unleashed by nation states against peaceful democratic activities of subjugated nations like Kashmir and stop aggression against unarmed civilians.”

JKLF delegations also appealed the international community, human rights organizations and civil society to intervene and save the life of incarcerated JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik and thousands of others languishing in Indian jails and incarceration centers.

Meanwhile, JKLF paid tributes to Molvi Jalal Ud din @ Akbar, Liyaqat Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Ashraf Sofi, Mushtaq Ahmad Butt and Parvaiz Ahmad Koki on their anniversaries.

Praying for the slain, JKLF said that their sacred blood and mission will be never compromised and JKLF will leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired goal which these souls sacrificed their lives for.


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