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No end in sight

No end in sight
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The deaths caused by influenza this year have touched an all time high. So far this winter Kashmir valley has witnessed 17 deaths that have occurred due to influenza. Just yesterday a 70-year old patient died at the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) here.

Kashmir has been witnessing an increased activity of the flu virus with experts cautioning that a shift in circulating virus strain is being recorded which has created some sort of panic among the medicos and the common people.

Data observed from a SKIMS laboratory that also carried out influenza testing was showing an increase in H1N1 activity. As of now one out of every four samples is testing positive for H1N1 influenza. This is quite high compared to the data that was available over the past few years.

According to data at SKIMS 74 patients, positive for influenza have been admitted in the past couple of months. While 15 patients have lost life at SKIMS, two patients died of H1N1 at SMHS Hospital last month.

While improvement in weather was expected to bring down number of cases of viral flu, the raging H1N1 influenza in neighboring states has led to spike in the cases in Kashmir as well. Besides, the incidence of H3N2 virus in Kashmir has also created some panic.

What is more worrisome is that the people are so ill informed about the virus that most of the people take least precautions to safeguard themselves from the disease which is currently proving to be more deadly that one can even imagine.

The callous attitude from the health authorities too have contributed its lot as no information campaign has been initiated to aware the people about the virus and the safeguards that one needs to take to prevent this virus from spreading.

Kashmir is presently passing through one of the worst winters it has observed over the years. People now-a-days prefer to stay indoors with most of the family members jostling together to stay warm. But since no awareness campaign has been started most of the people do not know about tackling the flu virus.

Covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing and washing hands with soap and water will keep the people healthy and will also ensure that the virus is not spread from one person to another.

Swine flu, also known as H1N1 virus is a contagious viral infection of the respiratory tract that spreads from person to person through the inhalation of respiratory droplets. The symptoms of flu include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose and body aches.

What is adding to the concern is that the valley hospitals are ill equipped to fight the virus in case situation gets a little bit grim. Most of the hospitals though have the facilities to test patient’s samples, but the facilities are time consuming which can prove detrimental while managing the flu.

Besides, the best possible way to avoid the spread of this deadly disease could have been proper and timely vaccination, which unfortunately has not been propagated in the valley. The vaccines available in the market are so high in cost that most of the people do not afford to get a shot well in time.


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