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Are government teachers alone to be blamed for poor results?

Are government teachers alone to be blamed for poor results?
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Gazy Maqbool Chopan

Indeed recent results have predicted an improved performance of government schools. But in view of over all expectations and achievements the results of government school’s can’t be claimed as desired.
On the other hand private schools have once again retained their leading performance. To afford private school however, is not a possible solution for everyone and admitted a ward in a government schools is the only option, keeping in consideration the average economic status of our society.
The recent board results narrated the same story where private schools performed better than government ones. This is not the first time, but has become a norm now, and probably the same story will be repeated if we do not introspect.
In our society the narrative has been set that government teachers are responsible for poor results as compared to their private counterparts. But are they only responsible? Good results are by-product of multiple factors and not just one. Some important are-Role of Teacher, Role of Parents, Role of Student and Infrastructure.
Role of Teacher
Teacher plays an important role, but as we know on an average the teachers of government schools are well qualified than their private counterparts. However accountability and dedication towards their job has always remained a big question.
But at the same time we need to accept the fact that there is a drastic decrease in school working days owing to various reasons, which we all are aware of.
However, under such circumstances role of teacher is more to inspire his/her students to study and make them self sufficient. In this context teacher training programes should be encouraged.
Role of parents
The crucial link that obliviously has a connection with the percentage of results. Actually this is the area where private school gets the lead. But strangely we never focus on it that much while criticizing government schools for their results.
Even in government schools the parents who took care of their wards more, their wards perform better comparatively.
In this scenario government schools should encourage parent-teacher interactions, but taking due care about the economic and time compulsions of parents.
Student’s role
Though the role of student is itself dependent upon teacher’s ability to inspire him. In addition to parents care, especially under current scenario where teacher-student interaction ratio is coming down and parent-student interaction ratio is increasing.
Yet the nature, intellect, hardworking culture and peer groups matters a lot specially in the age of social media.
Infrastructure is the backbone of healthy society. The libraries, lab’s, sports equipments, transport facilities, well furnished class rooms etc. do play an important role in generating a healthy environment for studies.
Most of the private schools are far ahead in this context. Meanwhile, government schools are lacking the same.
So, how justiable is it to blame only teachers, yes teachers have their role, but it’s not only teacher but other factors too play their role.
In this context, let’s hope the new influx of teachers along with the existing staff take the level of government schools to new heights, as there is always scope for improvement.
To conclude, in current scenario when our literacy is just only 67.11 (2011 census) there is a need is for a collective effort from teachers, administration, parents, civil society etc. to take it as an challenge and work wholeheartedly for the cause.
If we want to improve our literacy rate, we have to provide a better and all round exposure and feasible education to all the students which will inspire generations of our upcoming youth and we can develop a generation of students and make their future bright.

(The author is a civil service aspirant. He can be mailed at gazymaqbool [email protected])

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