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Defeating odds, determinant Faizan shines in class 10 results

Defeating odds, determinant Faizan shines in class 10 results
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Anantnag: Despite sufferings immense hardships in day to day including earning the livelihood for his family, breading the expenditure of treatment to his father, the 16-year-old youth from South Kashmir’s Anantnag district has passed the recently declared class 10th examinations with 85 percent.
Faizan Ahmed Mir, hailing from AangMatipora village of Anantnag district in South Kashmir has secured 428 marks, which is 84 per cent marks.
The pain that the boy has suffered is too overwhelming to be contained in a 15-year-old’s heart. Faizan’s father, Mohammad Shaban in 2013 was restricted to home after he was diagnosed with a severe liver disease.
Shabaan was admitted to a hospital in Srinagar, he required frequent doses which cost about 30,000 a month. “It was a tough time for us, nobody else at home was earning, with no other alternative in sight, I began working as a labour to meet the medical expenses of my father,” Faizan said.
Sharing a room with his parents and siblings and with no financial support from anywhere, he found it difficult to study. Just when all hope seemed to recede, he approached his school authorities who permitted him to attend the school only twice a week.
“I could work for the rest of days to earn for my family, the school principal allowed after witnessing my bad family condition, he said.
Faizan couldn’t attend the school continuously due to the load of work. He began preparing for the examination just fifteen days ahead of it. A student of Idara-e-Tahqeeqat e Islamia in Anantnag, Faizan has drawn instant praises from the area. Faizan recalls how he attended school for one day and skipped two days to work.
“I thought it was impossible for me to attend the exams because i would fall short of attendance and completing the syllabus was s distant dream, however just two weeks before my exams, i started preparing, my teachers provided me with all support and i never lost hope, that was the key,” Faizan recalled.
“Due to his irregular attendance, the Tutor had not enrolled his name in the attendance register. But, seeing his miserable condition, the Tutor had permitted him to come to the school as per his own time availability, we worked hard with him a few weeks before the exam,” the principal of the school Said.
“Faizan was a bright student right from the beginning. His father’s condition never obstructed him in studies,” his mother, ShameemaBano said adding that Faizan is taking care of a family of seven-member including his parents.
Faizan’s story surely is an inspiring one and an answer to many of the social myths, his performance has drawn instant praises from the area.
Faizan recalls how he attended school for one day and skipped three days to work. “I felt shy to tell my schoolmates that I worked as a labourer whenever they inquired about me being absent from the school,” Faizan said while having a smile on his face.

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