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Proactive approach

Proactive approach
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Ever since Governor N N Vohra was replaced that too unceremoniously, the intentions of BJP led federal government became clear. The central government wants to move things at the pace and direction that it deems fit and as such 55 bills were cleared by the administration during the last few months.
The bills that were cleared ranged from security matters to doing away with procedural wrangles to empowerment of panchayati Raj institutions. The number of the legislations approved are aimed at facilitating smooth functioning of institutions like universities, anti-graft bodies and religious institutions like Wakf in absence of an elected government.
No doubt the Governor is empowered to exercise powers of the state legislature during the Governor’s rule and his decisions are vital to let the entire system run efficiently. But the speed by which the Governor’s administration has got involved in passing legislations that too on varied aspects, raises many questions.
One, if the legislations were so critical to ensure proper functioning of the government and its machinery, then what were the elected governments doing. Where these governments sitting pretty over these files and proposals and letting the people suffer?
Second, if that is not the case what prompts the Governor’s administration to rush through these legislations that too at a speed that raises questions over the intentions of the administrations as a whole.
We are given to understand that the laws passed during the Governors rule are valid only for a period of two years from the day the Governor’s rule ceases to exist. That means the legislations that were approved during the past few months will remain valid December 2020. These laws can also be repealed or retained by state legislature before that.
But the way the issues that are believed to be controversial in nature were touched, that makes us to raise some doubts on the decisions taken. The Governor’s six month rule comes to an end today and during these six months some legislations like the repeal of Roshini scheme, amendment in the Juvenile justice law, PSA amendment, protection of Human Rights act, and several other laws were enacted or amended which makes us to raise questions about the administration being in a haste.
The Governors rule is a stop gap arrangement and the fact is well known to the Governor whosoever is put in charge. This stop gap arrangement has to shift its entire focus on providing a transparent and efficient system of governance to the people and if some alterations are done that will have long term consequences for the state, then these need to be probed and cross checked.
The state of Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive state and the present chaos that has engulfed the state is primarily based on mistrust and deceit that the people here have been offered most of the times. The mistrust is so deep rooted that even the institution of democracy has least takers in most regions of the state as of now.
In such a scenario surpassing the institutions of democracy on vital issues can have a long term bearing which needs to be kept in mind before enduring on vital legislations and laws.

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