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New Delhi cannot hide massacres of Kashmiris: Er Rasheed

New Delhi cannot hide massacres of Kashmiris: Er Rasheed
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SrinagarStating that New Delhi cannot hide massacres of Kashmiris, Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Tuesday asked Army Chief Bipin Rawat to General Bipin Rawat to be courageous in telling New Delhi that Army has losing its professional capabilities in Kashmir.

Soon after being released from two days of incarceration, Er Rasheed addressed a news conference in Srinagar and cautioned New Delhi about misleading world community over killings and use of force by men in uniform in Kashmir. “New Delhi should not forget that in the era of Information technology it cannot hide its brutalities and massacres of Kashmiris,” he said.

After being released from detention in Srinagar today, Er Rasheed told media persons that “the way Army Chief has been threatening Kashmiris and trying to abuse everyone who dares to speak against barbarism, he is simply lowering his stature and it would be good in the interests of army as an institution to feel ashamed for the killings rather finding excuses.”

“By asking Kashmiris not to drag army into politics, General Bipin Rawat is forgetting the Himalayan fact that it is not Kashmiris but New Delhi which has been dragging army into politics by trying to give a military solution to the seventy yearlong pending political dispute,” he said.

He said that any Army is supposed to defend its borders against foreign aggression and it is always colonial forces who use Army’s to crush the internal uprisings to suppress the genuine voices of masses. “General Bipin Rawat should be courageous and honest enough in telling the political establishment in New Delhi that Army is losing its professional capabilities by getting indulged in direct confrontation with unarmed civilians in every nook and corner of Kashmir,” he said.

He added that the call given by various political parties to have sit-in outside Army Headquarters at Badami Bagh was absolutely justified and most civilized way to protest against the Pulwama massacre. “Gen. Rawat should tell that was he expecting Kashmiris to shower petals on those who killed unarmed civilians in Pulwama,” he added.

Er Rasheed said it is strange that on one hand that from Bipin Rawat to Home Minister and from Satpal Malik to K. Vijay Kumar everyone is justifying the killings by putting the blame on the deceased and calling every stone pelter a terrorist and every pro-active Kashmir and OGW of militants but on the other hand each of them is condemning the incident, asking for inquiries and showing sympathy with the families of those butchered in Pulwama. “The fake inquires and condolences are itself confession of guilt,” he added.

ErRasheed asked Vijay Kumar, Advisor in charge law and order, not to cross his limits and try to realize that J&K dispute is not a law and order problem. “Vijay Kumar needs to be told that he is not dealing with Sandal Smugglers and there is no Veerapan in Kashmir, whom he should eliminate by using dirty ways and means,” he said.

He said that Kashmiris are fighting for a political resolution to the dispute and need peace more than anybody.

Welcoming the concerns of Amnesty India and OIC, he asked international community to see sufferings of Kashmiris through humanitarian prism and play their role in ending bloodshed by moving beyond words.

Justifying the protest calls and strikes by pro-freedom camp, ErRasheed criticized those forces who are always criticizing pro-resistance groups. “Those who have no business but to accuse JRL and others for hitting to streets and calling strikes, should come out with alternative plans and make people follow them rather creating unnecessary confusions,” he said.

Er Rasheed reiterated that Governor and his advisors must own the moral responsibility of Pulwama killings and should not behave like autocrats. “While security agencies are duty bound to work under directions of civil administration but unfortunately the divisional and district administration has become mouth pieces of security agencies and it is yet again proven that deputy commissioners have become like rubber stamps for security agencies,” he said.

He appealed people to show unity and asked all political forces to focus on unity with some minimum common ground, so that the massacres of Kashmiris come to an end.

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