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Geelani’s proposed march to Badami Bagh foiled: Hurriyat (G)

Geelani’s proposed march to Badami Bagh foiled: Hurriyat (G)
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Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani was on Monday disallowed to lead a protest rally towards Badami Bagh Army cantonment, a spokesman said on Monday.
The amalgam spokesman according to a statement issued here said that Geelani was scheduled to move towards Badami Bagh as per the JRL program, but police did not allow him to come out of his residence as they have sealed the main gate of his residence from outside.
Strongly condemning what he termed as undemocratic actions of police, Geelani said that “we had planned to peacefully march towards Badami Bagh and ask the Indian army officers not to kill us in small groups and in phases, as it will take you a long time.”
“You have been massacring us daily, blinding us regularly, molesting our women folk repeatedly and bulldozing our property in every nook and corner, so we want to make your job easy by presenting ourselves enmass to quench your blood thirst,” he said.
Geelani expressing profound grief and shock on the carnage of Pulwama where dozens of innocent have been killed in broad-day-light in front of their relatives, said that “their grief stricken sobs and innocent cries did not get any response from stone hearted rulers.”
Terming Pulwama carnage as an addition to the hundreds of massacres like Gawkadal, Alamgari Bazar, Handwara, Zakoora, Kupwara, Hawal, Khanyar, Sopore, Baramulla, Lalchowk, Tangpora, Kashtwar, Chatisinghpora, Brakpora, Wandhama, Mehjoor Nagar, Nadi Marg, Geelani said that “Army should be applauded as everyday it decreases its enemies.”
He said that even the die-hard hyper nationalist people, in India with little humanness left, couldn’t hold back their tears after witnessing the bloodbath of innocents.
He said that humans when lose their values, it stoops low of lowest and surpasses even the worst beasts to emerge as the most dangerous monster, threatening and endangering its own species.
“The inhuman and ruthless attitude by forces is going on for the last 71 years and the loss of hundreds of thousands of precious lives is a blot on the Indian democracy and their local supporters, who are partners in this heinous crime and no conscious human can forgive them for this brutality and bloodshed,” he said.
Hailing Pakistan premier’s statement wherein he stated ‘the issue of gross human rights violations in Kashmir will be taken up in UN Security Council’, Geelani said that “Pakistan, being a prime partner of the dispute, need to do much more than statements as the genocide here seems to have no end.”
He appealed Pakistan to have vigorous consultations with likeminded, friendly and Muslim nations to convene and urgent meeting of OIC and put a check on this carnage and blood bath on daily basis.

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