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Malik released after month-long-incarceration

Malik released after month-long-incarceration
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Srinagar: After a month-long-detention, chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik was on Wednesday released from police custody.
Soon after being released, Malik condemned the arrests of amalgam leaders including its zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri.
The statement added that police after arresting him have lodged him at Police Station Kral Khud where he was denied a meeting with his wife, children and other family members.
“A blanket ban on peaceful political activities by police is most dictatorial and the way police officers are treating peaceful protesters is a glaring example of them acting like colonial monarchs in their respective areas where they want every voice suppressed and bully every head that is raised against their will and order,” Malik said
“JRL recently had announced a peaceful candlelight protest program regarding human rights violations. The exemplary programs were conducted in such a peaceful manner that even a leaf was not disturbed during these programs. But authoritarian police as a routine took this peaceful protest as against their wishes and whims and from the first day started a spree of arrests, nocturnal raids and intimidations against whole resistance camp especially against JKLF,” he said.
Besides arresting various JKLF leaders, police raided many others including JKLF zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri on Dec 03 and from then police kept chasing him as if he was any criminal.
“All this tyranny and oppression is being done by police authorities in the name of peace and law and order but actually police through these illegal and authoritarian actions is promoting violence and anarchy and trying to implement a silence of graveyard in Kashmir,” he said.
“We want to ask India and its authorities deployed here in Kashmir that what outcome they expect from unleashing this Hitlerism in Kashmir. Do they dream of putting Kashmiri nation into submission by these police actions and if they do so don’t they have any understanding of history which bears a witness to the fact that tyranny and oppression never succeeds in breaking or defeating peoples resistance movements like that in Jammu Kashmir but instead gives a boost to these movements and that last victory always belongs to the oppressed,” he said.
Malik said that nature has its own laws and law of retribution tells that every tyrant and oppressor has to face this law and reply for his or her crimes against humans and humanity.
Meanwhile, Malik expressed his heartfelt grief and sorrow over the sad demise of the mother of jailed resistance leader Farooq Ahmad Dar @ Bitta Karatay who is languishing at Tihar jail Delhi from more than a year now.
JKLF vice chairman Mushtaq Ajmal along with a delegation went to Chota-Bazar and participated in the funeral prayers and burial of the deceased mother and delivered a message of condolence from Malik.
Paying tributes to the deceased mother, Malik said that she and her whole family have rendered valuable sacrifices for the freedom of Jammu Kashmir and when she is bidding a farewell to this world her son is facing torture and torment in Tihar Jail.
Praying for her heavenly abode, Malik prayed for the Sabr-I-Jamil to his bereaved family.

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