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Beautiful place turned into a ‘battle field’: Hurriyat (G)

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Stages protest post-Friday prayers at Hyderpora

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) leaders and activists on Friday held protests after congregational Friday prayers in Hyderpora against the killings, atrocities and pro-long detention of political prisoners at the hands of forces.
Voicing serious concern over the spree of killings, atrocities and arrests at the hands of forces, the leaders as per a statement issue here demanded immediate halt on innocent killings and arbitrary measures perpetrated by forces.
They appealed world human rights organization for their cognizance and impressed to raise their voice and come to the rescue of subjugated people in Kashmir.
Addressing protestors and people, Hurriyat (G) leaders said that “the growing Indian aggression against unarmed and peaceful people in state has touched the alarming line and turned this beautiful place into a “battle field”.
“Under well thought out plane the Indian authorities and their forces are carrying genocide,” they said.
Referring to killing, the Hurriyat leaders said that Kashmir has been turned into a killing field where the lives of men, women and even children are not safe” and added that authorities are desperate to cover their gruesome and inhuman acts and shielding criminals under the garb of AFSPA.
Hurriyat leaders while condemning the pro-long detention of political prisoners and called it as “an extreme vandalism and coercion, which depicts a martial law like situation, said that suppressing even the pro-freedom voice and curbing their peaceful activities is no bravery but shameful and cunning corwardness, which government itself be responsible for the consequences.”
Demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners including leaders lodged in and outside state particularly in Tihar Jail, the leaders said that by pushing people to wall India will achieve nothing, they should face the political leaders and workers on political turf.
Lamenting Delhi for their rhetoric about democracy and freedom of speech, the leaders said that “their tall claims about freedom of expression and democracy stand exposed as they didn’t dare to face pro-freedom leadership and resorted to vandalism, arresting leadership, imposing restrictions, bullying and denying political space to leadership.”
Hurriyat Leaders appealed Amnesty International, Asia Watch, and other international organization for human rights to break silence and take cognizance of the plight of suppressed and oppressed people in state of Jammu and Kashmir and urged to fulfill their obligations in accordance with human rights specified for world community.

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