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Farooq advises Modi to be tolerant like Vajpayee

Farooq advises Modi to be tolerant like Vajpayee
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Says under BJP's rule India will disintegrate in many pieces

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Jammu: Fire brand National Conference leader, Farooq Abdullah Thursday had a piece of advice for Prime Minister Narendra Modi – be tolerant like Atal Bihari Vajpayee to ensure acceptance by all people.
Speaking at an event here, the National Conference patriarch also accused the BJP of following a divisive agenda.
“When (Jawaharlal) Nehru unfurled the tricolour at the Red Fort for the first time, he never thought that a party will come to power in future which will try to divide this country. Britishers divided it into India and Pakistan and the country will be divided into many parts if the ruling party continues with its divisive agenda,” he claimed.
Asking Modi to be “tolerant like Vajpayee”, Farooq said, “He is the prime minister. He has to come up to that level and should not get engaged in smaller issues. At time I feel sorry for his statements.”
He went on to add, “Please inculcate sense of tolerance, Prime Minister sahib. If you have to run this country, you have to be tolerant and ensure acceptance by others. All have to be taken along, if you have run this country. Be tolerant like Vajpayee ji.”
He claimed if the country is united today “it is because of Nehru”.
Farooq also batted for resolving the conflicts that have created an atmosphere of mistrust.
“We would stay safe in our houses but jawans would lose their lives. We do not need to have war with China and Pakistan. We want those countries should also make progress and become prosperous,” he added.
Farooq said that India was going through a worst period of history as attempts were being made to divide people on communal lines.
“Nobody knows about how many pieces India will disintegrate into under the BJP rule, ” Abdullah said.
“We have to stop this as soon as possible or else you will see destruction everywhere ahead. You will see blood everywhere because this regime is leaving no stone unturned to create an atmosphere of hatred across the country,” he said.
“The BJP leaders are no different from Britishers who also ruled India for 200 years by dividing people on communal lines,” Farooq added.
Referring to an incident in UP’s Bulandshahar, Farooq said that it was very unfortunate that the CM of a state was busy watching Kabaddi match when an SHO was being killed by the mob protesting against alleged cow slaughter.
“Actually, the BJP leaders are ‘Daaku number 1.’ Only they’re responsible for every single killing in the name of religion,” he said.
Abdullah also hit out at the RSS leaders for what he said preaching hatred from the government institutions.
“The ruling dispensation in Delhi has given most of the top positions, even in education system to RSS people and they’re the most useless people in the country,” he said.
He also targeted BJP leaders for asking for votes “in the name of Ram.”
“They (BJP) have a wrong conception that Ram only belongs to them…Ram belongs to the world…Allah and Ram should not be used for garnering votes because neither Allah nor Ram is contesting elections…We’re contesting elections and we should convince the voters with our policies and programmes not Allah and Ram,” Farooq said.
He said that the people of India don’t fear about any danger from Pakistan but they fear about the communal divide “mastered by BJP and RSS men within India.”

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