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Mir Hafizullah killed under a well-throughout plan: Sehrai

Mir Hafizullah killed under a well-throughout plan: Sehrai
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Anantnag: People have been armed to wipe out Jama’at and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat activists and leaders, Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) chairman Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai said on Wednesday.
Sehrai was addressing mourners at the residence of slain TeH leader Hafizullah Mir in Baddoo village of Achabal in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district.
“People have been armed to wipe out Jama’at–e-Islami and his outfit,” he claimed.
Notably, unknown gunmen on Tuesday morning shot dead Mir at his residence. His wife was also injured in the attack.
“The plan to wipe out Jama’t and TeH is being executed and people have been armed to carry out this job,” claimed Sehrai. “In mid-nineties what Ikhwan did to Jama’at is being repeated,” Sehrai claimed.
He said that Mir “was assassinated by cowards who are afraid of his commitment. Under a well-thought-out plan, some forces are strengthening the hands of unidentified gunmen to kill pro-freedom leaders and activists,” he said.
Before this incident, many pro-freedom leaders and activists have been targeted by unidentified gunmen, he said, adding that since 1990, under a well-planned conspiracy, top religious and political leadership were killed from time-to-time with the design to eliminate the Kashmiri resistance leadership and make it leaderless.
“However, these killings did not dampen the resolve of the leadership which continued to carry forward the resistance movement,” Sehrai said.
Sehrai said, “I was deeply shocked and horrified to hear of the heinous assassination. In his death, Tehreek-e-Hurriyat and Kashmir freedom struggle has lost an outstanding leader who worked for Kashmir cause since decades tirelessly and chose to fight the occupation with tremendous commitment, conviction and dedication which cannot be forgotten.”
“Such inhumanity is unpardonable and condemned in the strongest terms! Proud son of the soil, his death is a huge loss,” he said, adding that Mir was a brave son of soil who despite many adversities remained steadfast to the cause, embraced martyrdom and attained immortal success but those who conspired and attacked him got nothing but everlasting shame and disgrace.
“Mir through his valiant efforts in the field of resistance politics and social service achieved a high place in history of Kashmir,” he said.
Chairman TeH said that “the freedom struggle of Kashmir is indebted to these great martyrs and today when we remember this great soul, we pledge to take the mission of these martyrs to its desired goal.”
Moreover, Sehrai said that “former Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister and National Conference founder including all pro-Indian politicians are responsible whatever we are witnessed. It was Sheikh’s mistakes that the people of Kashmir are bearing the brunt for.”
He said that Sheikh’s first mistake in 1947 could be forgiven and it can be assumed that he was betrayed the first time. “He then repeatedly betrayed the people of Kashmir, knowing well whatever he was up to. Accord of 1975 being one such example,” Sherai said that “we as people are to be blamed as well. It was the people who used to say alle kari wangan kari babb kari lo lo,” he said.

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