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NC looking out for a role

NC looking out for a role
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Though being an oldest political party in Jammu and Kashmir, the National Conference has failed to fulfill its role, both while being in power and out of it. The party which should have set out a role for itself for both the situations is directionless with no clear cut policy statements coming from the top leadership.
One of the reasons for the party’s dithering stance over crucial issues in the state is the divided leadership at the top level. The father-son duo it is believed are poles apart when it comes to taking a stand on issues.
The recent example can be had from the decision of staying away from the Urban Local Body polls. The decision had the father-son duo virtually split with Omar being in favor of participating, however, he could not convince his father to toe his line.
National Conference over the years has been failing to leave a mark. One thing is clear that the party knows to be in power and once out of it, the party becomes directionless. This is the reason that the party leadership is not even able to focus on the role it has to play.
The party has a formidable presence in all the three regions of the state. Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions have a good number of loyalists who still vie for the leadership and can be ready to take a front. But the leadership has been so confused that these die hard workers are feeling let down.
It is the frustration that is forcing the party to look outwards rather than inwards. Just yesterday the senior Abdullah went looking for a role in national politics when he tried to hold parleys with Sharad pawar, Chandrababu Naidu and others.
The confusion is leading the party to nowhere. It is not for the first time that the senior Abdullah has failed to garner enough support for himself to play some role at the national level. His ambitions of becoming the Vice President were scuttled and even a role as a parliamentarian did not do any good to his image.
Rather the way he was elected to the parliament when 13 civilians were killed on the poll day has made his rendezvous with his electorate more testing.
The party should have fixed its eyes on Jammu and Kashmir which is presently going through a bad phase. Killings, unending violence and a different narrative is filling the air in every nook and corner of the state.
The political parties who claim to represent the people had an important role to play as the situation is turning out of hand. These parties held the key to various such solutions that could have been offered, but the inaction has made them all the more irrelevant to the demanding situation, with the NC being no exception.
The Abdullah too are forgetting that their acceptance and importance at the national level is directly proportional to their standing in Jammu and Kashmir. This idea is escaping the leadership of the party and if they fail to understand their required role the party is headed for nemesis.

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