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Manan’s death painful but a matter of pride too, says Malik

Manan’s death painful but a matter of pride too, says Malik
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Srinagar: A day after PhD scholar-turned-militant was killed in an encounter, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief; Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that top Hizb commander represents their passion for dignity and freedom.

According to a statement issued here, Malik said “in Manan’s words ‘Kashmiris don’t feel dignity in death but feel dignity in fighting, but when die while fighting illegal military occupation, feel dignity in that death too’.

“How a nation whose sons like Manan Bashir Wani are being snatched can vote in elections and strengthen the blood soaked hands of killers and murderers, ” said Malik.

Malik who continues to remain under police custody as per JKLF spokesman said that “Manan Bashir Wani represents the soul and passion of our struggle for dignity and freedom and though the loss of such a scholar is too painful for Kashmiri nation but a matter of pride too.”

“Kashmiri youth have been pushed to wall and are provided no space for peaceful dissent and hence they are pushed towards the path of ultimate sacrifice,” he said.

He said that from Shaheed-I-Kashmir Ishfaq Majid Wani to Burhan Muzafar Wani and Manan Bashir Wani, story of passionate struggle and dignified death remains unchanged.

He said that “on daily basis we are hearing a statement from Indian representative here that they want to kill militancy not the militants but on daily basis we witness ruthless killing of our youth by blood thirsty politicians who have turned vampires for humans in Kashmir.”

Malik said that “the rulers and their supporters hanged Muhammad Maqbool Butt in Tihar and repeated their actions by hanging Muhammad Afzal Guru too. They killed legends like Ishafq Majeed Wani, pilot Nadeem Khateeb, Doctor Abdul Ahad Guroo, Doctor Turabi, advocate G Q Sailani, Doctor Farooq Asahai and hundreds and thousands others but failed to defeat or weaken our resolve for freedom.”

“From 2016, we are witnessing and tolerating  operation all out from the same state but it has failed in past and is bound to fail in future too as according to the law of nature oppression always perishes and last triumph always belongs to the oppressed,” he said.

He added that “martyrs are our pride and their sacrifices as our valuable treasure and Nation of Kashmir will never rest before achieving the sacred goal of these great martyrs.”

Paying homage to Manan Bashir Wani and his associate Ashiq Hussain Zargar, JKLF chairman said that “a nation whose sons like Manan Bashir Wani are being snatched by tyrants cannot vote in any elections staged by oppressor and colonial power and strengthen the blood soaked hands of killers and murderers.”

He appealed people to stay away from Municipality and Panchayat election drama and respect the sacrifices of great martyrs.

Meanwhile, JKLF leaders and activists along with people in large numbers today managed to gather at Lal Chowk and stage a protest against unrelenting killing spree, arrests and also against ongoing municipal elections.

Led by JKLF zonal general secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid, JKLF activists including Meraj ud din Parray, Muhammad Hanif Dar, Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah, M Aslam Sheikh, Muhammad Ibrahim Quraishi, Fayaz Ahmad Lone and Shakir Ahmad Aahangar and others gathered near Lal Chowk and staged a peaceful protest there.

Senior resistance leader Mukhtar Ahmad Sofi was also present in the protest. Protesters raised slogans in favor of Martyrs and freedom and against ongoing oppression and municipal elections.

While paying homage to martyrs, protesters asked people to stay away from municipal election ‘drama’ being staged in Jammu Kashmir.

Also, JKLF leaders and activists today visited Chanapora, Natipora, Mehjoor Nagar, Budshah Nagar, Lal Nagar, Ram Bagh and adjacent areas, addressed various gatherings and appealed people to boycott upcoming elections ‘drama’.

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