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Nursing grads seek exposure to new technological advancements

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Srinagar: The nursing graduates who are posted at hospitals in peripheries are finding themselves at the receiving end for not getting exposed to the new advancements in the field.

Many nursing graduates, who are posted in districts at several PHCs and CHCs, which witnesses less patient influx, are not getting the required exposure pertaining to their field, leading to the fact that they lag behind in whatever technological advances are at the disposal of those who are working at District level hospitals.

What is more interesting is that there is a huge number of nursing graduates who, after being posted at hospitals with less patient influx do not learn about new medical equipments, thus leaving them ‘good for nothing’.

“There are no orientation programs for us, and we remain with what we have already learned during our studies. There literally is no addition to our know-how of new things,” said a paramedic working in Kupwara district.

With sources telling that the department was being callous when it comes to taking up orientation programs for such paramedics, thus jeopardizing their career.

“As of now, there are no initiatives taken to tackle the issue—the initiatives that should have been taken much before,” sources said.

The experts are suggesting that apart from taking up orientation programs, the authorities can also consider initiating a process of rotational rosters, which can help in keeping them updated about the new trends and procedures that are in vogue in their respective fields.

“The field is expanding with every passing day and if we are really serious in keeping pace with such an enormous expansion, there is a need to take up such initiatives as soon as possible,” said a doctor.

Pertinently, there is huge number of nursing graduates who come out of various institutions every year, while some are posted at certain hospitals where they, with time, get exposed with emerging trends in the field; however those who are posted in far flung areas, with less patient influx, remain unexposed to the medical advancements in terms of equipments and know how.

The absence of such initiatives is felt when such paramedics are transferred to places where they are supposed to deal with latest gadgetry, however, given their exposure being equal to zero, they have to undergo training programs in order to learn to use those gadgets, which again seems to be a time consuming process.


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