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CM’s assurance to promote Handicrafts appreciable: Bhat

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Appreciating the concern of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for the promotion of Handicrafts sector, Nizamuddin Bhat Vice Chairman for the Corporation of Handicrafts said that her assurance to save and sustain State’s tradition and Art comes at an opportune time. Bhat said and added effort is needed to instill confidence in thousands of artisans, social upliftment, and saving of the heritage.

He said both handicrafts and handloom sectors cannot progress as a viable economic tool and a component of splendid culture without liberal government support.

He said the present scenario obtaining for production, manufacturing and marketing of Kashmir art is obviously grim and if appropriate measures are not taken, the situation will further worsen. As a result, the indigenous, rural economy and art and craft related employment avenues will shrink to a large extent.

He said the government is seized with the problems of weavers, artisans, embroiders and other entire skilled class who have hitherto struggled to maintain the progress index of Kashmir’s art and craft.

Referring to institutions devoted to promoting the handicrafts and handloom as a tradition of economic and cultural value, Bhat said corporations of handloom and handicrafts, as well as the administrative department, need to revise planning to achieve desired objectives.

Bhat pointed out that is unfortunate that handloom and handicrafts corporations, state industries department and central government agencies for promotion of local art and craft seem to have lost touch with local needs and objectives and are woefully distancing from the grass-root.

He said despite resource available most of the energy is wasted in official wrangles as the three important intuitions are apparently not working in tandem and they lack coordination for reach out, there is lack of harmony he added.

Bhat observed that it would have been in the fitness of things to get handloom, handicrafts and the silk industry under one umbrella. That for utilization of segregated resource infrastructure to be made more compact, effective and result-oriented.

He said that the government also should take measures to recognize handicraft, handloom and sericulture as a social sector and own responsibility for its sustenance and growth.

 He made an appeal to Chief Minister to appoint a time bound expert committee to review and recommend how the state can restore pristine glory of Kashmir art and craft and how these sectors of social and economic value can e provided an effective and vibrant institutional base.

He said without an organized growth- oriented and objective based working policy, the change for better seems impossibility. Chief Minister’s concerns will yield result once the actual potential is harnessed and an innovative revival plan is conceived through available expert opinion.

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