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Government has robbed dreams of youth, says Omar Abdullah

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Former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, on Tuesday said the youth of the state were being suffocated by “repressive policies of the present Government.”

Addressing a youth convention at National Conference head office, ‘Nawa-e-Subha’, Omar Abdullah exhorted youth activists of the party’s youth wing to lead efforts to bring about change and empower the youth to shape a future of dignity and peace.

He said, “The looming uncertainty coupled with the confrontational approach of the PDP-BJP government has created a sense of despair and hopelessness among the youth. The Central Government’s unfortunate failure to reach out and build bridges of reconciliation and peace with our youth has created a political vacuum. In this grim atmosphere, our youth is being robbed of their right to dream of a dignified and prosperous future – which is a travesty.”

Omar Abdullah said the youth feels cheated and betrayed after promises made to them in 2014 were either broken or unapologetically abandoned.

“Promises were made during elections and votes were sought for specific purposes. The same promises were then bartered, without any inhibitions, for personal and familial political empowerment of a few people, while our hardworking, honest and sincere young men and women were let down and left to the mercy of uncertainty and turmoil. Due to this treachery, the trust deficit has been further widened to an extent where skepticism on the ground, far overshadows the utility of any rhetoric the Government has to offer”, the NC leader added.

Asking the youth activists to organize themselves at the local ground level in a decentralized manner, Omar Abdullah asked them to lead a collective effort to bring about a change.

“You are the harbingers of change and you have to work together and with utmost dedication and conviction to be a source of reprieve for the people. Together, the youth can lead a historic effort to rid the state of political opportunism and deceit.”

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