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Ramadhan Mubarak: From 10 hours to 21 hours, here is the fasting hours around the globe

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Ramadan is here, just one day to the Ramadhan and Muslims around the world will begin their fast at the Fajr call to prayer just before sunrise and break their fast at sundown. In some parts of the world Ramadhan will begin on Friday night and in some other countries, it will begin on Saturday evening.

In recent years, Ramadan has moved increasingly into the summer months which bring long days in the northern hemisphere and sweltering heat for many countries. Conversely, for the southern hemisphere,  Ramadan has fallen on the shortest winter days.

From 10 hours in Chile and 21 hours in Greenland, here we give you the time a Muslim has to keep his/her fast around the globe.

We take a look at how many hours Muslims will be fasting every day.

Ramadhan Hours
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