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Security agencies doing a ‘fine job’ in Kashmir: Amit Shah

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Praising security agencies for doing a ‘fine job’ in Kashmir, the Bharatiya Janata Party (NJP) Tuesday said that NDA government is handling the Kashmir issue ‘diplomatically’.

While speaking at the ‘Samvaad’ conclave organized by India TV, BJP President, Amir Shah said that merely abrogating Article 370 will not solve the problem in the valley but the NDA government is handling the Kashmir issue ‘diplomatically’.

Saying that India will ultimately prevail in Kashmir, Shah said, “I believe that under the leadership of PM Modi and security agencies’ intervention, India will ultimately prevail in Kashmir,” he said.

He said that Modi is keeping a ‘keen eye’ on Kashmir while as the security agencies are doing a ‘fine job’ there.

While rejecting to attribute the recent violence in Kashmir as a reaction against the PDP-BJP government in the state, Shah said, “I do not think so. Such incidents are a reaction to the steps taken by the government and action by the security agencies. Whatever lacunae are there will be removed. The alliance is still going on.”

Maintaining that the merely abrogating the Article 370 in the Constitution that provides for special provisions to Jammu and Kashmir cannot solve the Kashmir issue, BJP president said,  “There are several issues and just abrogating the Article 370 will not solve the problem. BJP cannot do it all alone; we will discuss it at an opportune time with others.”


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