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DSEK suspends recognition of RP School Mallabagh, GVEI

DSEK suspends recognition of RP School Mallabagh, GVEI
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PSAJK calls it blatant misuse of power; Var says will fight against enemies of education
Srinagar: Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) Saturday ordered suspension of recognition of RP School Mallabagh and Green Valley Educational Institute, Ellahibagh for exorbitant fee hike and non-compliance of orders from the Department.
“An order vide no. DSEK/GS/1418-25/2018, dated: 14-09-2018 has been issued in this regard and another communication vide no. DSEK/GS/1069-70, dated: 03-07-2018 was forwarded to Joint Secretary JKBOSE and Principal DIET Srinagar wherein they were instructed not to entertain any affair of the schools till further instructions from the Directorate,” a statement of the DSEK said.
DSEK also directed to adjust the enrolled students of these schools in nearby Government High/Secondary School for ensuing examination 2018.
Meanwhile, Director School Education Kashmir Dr. G.N. Itoo has cautioned all the Heads of the private institutions not to hike the fee on their own and comply with the instructions and orders from the Department in letter and spirit.
He appealed the parents to bring into the notice of the Department any compliant regarding the arbitrary hike in fee and other related issues so that the erring institutions are made accountable and timely action against them under norms is initiated.
Meanwhile, Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) condemned the suspension of recognition of R P School, a prominent educational institute in Srinagar.
The association as per a statement issued here termed it as ‘a blatant misuse of power’ by the people who are in authority. “R P School is one of the best schools in the entire state.
“It has produced thousands of position holder students and its alumni are spread all around the world,” said G N Var, chairman of PSAJK, adding that one cannot just issue an order and place at risk career of thousands of students.
Var said that taking cognizance of complaints and working for the betterment of education is indeed a good step taken by the government, but issuing orders that force educational institutes to close down is a dangerous situation.
“We feel there is some hidden hand accomplishing the conspiracy of pushing Kashmiris away from quality education,” said Var, adding that nobody can deny the fact that RP School has a tremendous contribution towards the society in the education sector and closing such institutes can never be for the betterment of the society.
The association said that on one hand government has utterly failed to provide quality education despite heavy investments and on the other hand private schools who provide quality education are being closed down.
“Government fails to understand that it is due to these schools that our students are nowadays able to compete at national and international levels,” said Var.
“A few years back such a conspiracy to shut down private schools was exposed and thwarted. Those elements have come back to finish the private sector and we will unitedly fight against them,” said Var. “Some people are not happy that the students coming from these private schools are achieving new heights and cracking toughest competitive examinations,” he added.
Var said that a few years ago the private education sector was dominated by some missionary schools and these schools used to exploit the students without any accountability.
“Even now these schools don’t allow DSEK teams to inspect their schools and the administration never has done anything in this regard,” he said.
“These missionary schools even have the land of the government and other amenities and yet there is no force on them to follow any government rules. But when some other private school provides the best education and other facilities, the administrative orders come knocking,” said Var.
PSAJK has taken serious note of this issue and every school has been taken into confidence. The association has also contacted organisations at the National level to apprise them of the dangerous situation.
“Our schools have taken a firm stand and we will explore all options to defeat the enemies of education in Kashmir,” said Var.
Var said that the association has decided to approach the court for judicial intervention in this important matter.
The Association has assured the parents and the entire society that despite challenges they will continue to work with dedication in the education sector.

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