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Tele-MANAS helpline received over 10 lakh calls since launch: Health ministry

Tele-MANAS helpline received over 10 lakh calls since launch: Health ministry
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New Delhi: The National Tele-Mental Health Programme has reached a major milestone, receiving over 10 lakh calls on its toll free number so far, averaging 3,500 calls per day, the health ministry said on Wednesday.

Launched by the government in October 2022 to enhance mental health service nationwide, the programme operates 51 Tele-MANAS cells across all states and Union territories.

The Tele-MANAS (Tele Mental Health Assistance and Networking Across States) toll-free helpline numbers 14416 or 1-800-891-4416 offer multi-language support and have been pivotal in facilitating communication between callers and mental health professionals, a health ministry statement said.

The helpline has seen a steady increase in the number of callers, growing from around 12,000 in December, 2022 to over 90,000 in May 2024. This shows the rise in awareness and utilisation of mental health services in the country, the ministry said in its statement.

“This increase in engagement also underscores the importance of continued investment and expansion of mental health initiatives to ensure that everyone has access to the support they need,” it added.

To ensure ongoing care and support for those accessing mental health services, the platform, which links existing mental health resources to establish a comprehensive digital network. It also incorporates call-backs for follow-ups.

The government’s dedication to expanding mental health services, particularly targeting vulnerable populations represents a significant milestone in India’s ongoing efforts to combat the mental health crisis and ensure support for all individuals and households across the country, the statement said.

The ministry also said that integration with initiatives like e-Sanjeevani will further enhance accessibility and effectiveness of the Tele-MANAS platform.

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