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Learning has no limits

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By: Sahil Manzoor

People of any nation who acquire education for change always produce world-class leaders, and in any nation where people acquire education for employment, etc., they will never achieve their goals and live independent lives.

Acquiring education has no barrier; any individual can achieve his or her life goals. Education has no limits. Education is something with which one can achieve eternal peace and life goals that can utterly change the whole world.

In our country, everyone has a legitimate right to acquire education at any level. There are thousands of NGOS, or government-sponsored wings, who are emphasizing illiterate and downtrodden people to come towards the light of education. An educated individual is fully laced with all that he or she needs to combat in his or her life.

Education is something that has such a unique and rare pleasure that educated people always try to troubleshoot things without any violence. So all the educated ones should keep in mind that they should always embrace love for others, peace for everyone, and say no to all types of violence.

Always keep in mind that we are all one. Everyone has emotions, pain, and sentiments; extend your sympathy to every human being. That’s the real meaning of an educated individual. Every human should feel safe and secure within the parameters of an educated and sensible individual.

So we are all well aware of the great importance of being educated, and we can change things utterly at home, in society, and in the country. We have no limitations; we can learn as much as we can. We can experience everything surrounding us, and we can experience all the cultures of different societies in our country.

Today in this article, I am going to explore and let you know, my friends, how you can achieve success as a master in environmental science. As in the past, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) offers only admissions in the arts stream, commerce, and some diploma courses.

You may know all this from the IGNOU official website. But things are not the same for all, like students who have some financial issues in their families and students who want to continue their studies, but they are engaged in some jobs and have their own businesses.

For anyone who has given up their studies for some reason, IGNOU provides them with great and awesome opportunities that will allow them to continue their studies and give new shape to their dreams. In the recent past, all the science subjects were taken into consideration on a regular basis. As we know, science is based on practical’s and observations. Keeping in mind the student’s willingness, IGNOU introduced masters in environmental science in 2021 and may have introduced more courses in the science stream.

Today, there are thousands of students with master’s degrees in environmental science and bachelor’s degrees in science. The discipline is completely based on practical’s. All the study centers held practical work during holidays or winters. If you want to enroll yourself in an environmental science course, go through the IGNOU website, and you will learn all you want.

After getting admission, bring all the relevant material from the IGNOU regional center in Srinagar or prepare your own handwritten notes that might help you in the exam. IGNOU holds exams in two seasons, like in June and in December every year. Always keep in touch with friends, or regularly check the IGNOU official website.

Maintain practical note books with proper observations and accurate or approximate readings you have recorded or taken during a practical class. There are four semesters in masters in environmental science, and in the third semester, you have to work on the project work. Most of the students are hesitating and afraid of this project.

How do I prepare a project for a master’s in environmental science?

First of all, visit your study center if you have completed the first two semesters. Address an application to the program coordinator that mentions providing a project guide, and after allotted a project guide, contact him, then select any topic like ‘’solid waste management in Doodhpathri’’ or whatever you have held onto.

Collect information about the synopsis, brief about what you have selected, mention the study area, mention materials required, etc. after the approval of the synopsis of the work project. I would like to suggest one thing: there are students who are getting ready-made projects from some Xerox shops, etc.; always keep yourself engaged.

I hope you will get good marks, get your degree within a stipulated period, and engage yourself with the project; it will take you a few months. Plagiarism is prohibited. In this case, your project work may be disapproved, and you have to start it from the initial point. If you are smart, alert, honest, hardworking, and have patience, then this world is yours in all respects.

After the completion of this degree, you are equivalently eligible for all the competitive exams, as others are, like the NET (national eligibility test) and SET (state eligibility test), etc.

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