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Science and religion: The two rulers of the world

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By: Priyanka Saurabh

The relationship between religion and science can be considered one of the most debated topics in the world. Some argue over the relationship between science and religion, creating conflict, while others think that they are two separate entities that deal with two different human experiences.

Some religious and scientific organizations say that there is no need for such a conflict between religious faith and scientific viewpoint. Religion and science are complex social topics that can vary according to different cultures and traditions.

This article lets us see the different concepts of science and religion and how they relate to each other. The relationship between science and religion is characterized by ‘harmony’, ‘complexity’, and conflict. The role of science and religion is important in shaping the thoughts of an individual in society.

Religion is a collection of beliefs, customs, and traditions. It is also called worship towards the controlling power. Religion cannot always center on God. It can be surrendered to any kind of power.

Like science, the word religion also did not have any proper meaning in the medieval period. It gained its current purpose through the literary works of anthropologist EB Taylor. He is said to have used the term to represent religion throughout the world. Religion makes an important contribution to the activities of a society and an individual. It also affects the physical and mental health of the person.

Science is defined as the discovery and application of knowledge and understanding of the world through experiments, observations, and appropriate evidence. In ancient times, science meant natural philosophy or experimental philosophy. Its exact reference came into use in the nineteenth century.

William Whewell standardized the term scientist as those who are practitioners of science. In short, science can be considered as curiosity about the world and its behavior. Science is always a mystery. Every examination and discovery gives rise to more questions in science.

The relationship between science and religion can be studied by analyzing the natural world, history, philosophy, and theology. Science examines and analyzes the natural world, while religion analyzes the world from a spiritual or supernatural perspective. Many scientists, theologians, philosophers, etc. have said that there is interdependence between science and religion.

It is also true that religious facts influence many scientific facts. The best example is that some people still reject the theory of evolution by natural process and believe in the religious belief of human existence. The discussion on the relationship between science and religion ends in a conflict.

As already mentioned, the terms science and religion emerged in the 19th century and were considered internal qualities of a person and did not refer to practices or knowledge. Religion and science have different roles in shaping our understanding, ideas, and even our future. While religion contributes to emotions that the human mind cannot grasp, science explores through the mind’s limitless thoughts and experiments.

The role of religion and science in society is influential. An important difference between science and religion is that the former is concerned with the natural world while the latter is concerned with both natural and supernatural entities. Science explains facts with proper evidence and proof.

It always offers logical explanations to answer questions. Religion makes people dependent on power and this power can be natural or supernatural. It always depends on beliefs and convictions. According to religion, everything happens due to the influence of unknown power. Whereas science always depends on logical facts and evidence. When religion paved the way for different cultures and traditions, science paved the way for discoveries.

Being a scientific believer does not mean that one cannot be spiritual. There are many scientists and religious people who believe in religion and science respectively. No one can deny that science and religion are two essential aspects of human life.

The discussion of the relationship between science and religion is extensive but will ultimately remain incomplete. We can say that science and religion can be both complementary and dynamic at the same time. Science is considered more systematic and logical than religion.

Science is an objective idea, whereas religion is a subjective idea. Science and religion are very closely related in different aspects. Science always depends on facts and logic to demonstrate its statements, whereas religion depends on the faith and power of people. Science focuses on developing experiments and observations to solve an answer. Religion addresses questions that cannot be answered with accurate data. Science and religion can be called the two ruling factors of the world. The phrase ‘science and religion’ was first structured together in the 19th century. Both of these terms originated as different conceptions of reality.

(The author is a Research Scholar in Political Science)

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