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Book Review: Heal Your Gut, Mind and Emotions by Dimple Jangda

Book Review: Heal Your Gut, Mind and Emotions by Dimple Jangda
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The healthier the gut is, the healthier is the overall physical, mental and emotional health will be, says a new book.

“Your gut is like the fuel engine that provides nutrients for all your other organs, and it was designed by the finest engineer in this universe – mother nature herself,” writes health entrepreneur and gut health coach Dimple Jangda in her debut book “Heal Your Gut, Mind and Emotions”.

“The first step to our biological, intellectual and spiritual evolution involves having the hunger to grow and the curiosity to learn more. And you will be surprised to learn that the key to becoming the healthiest and kindest version of yourself, is already within you. It’s your gut,” she writes.

Everything concerning your physical, mental and even emotional health begins and ends with the gut, she adds.

In the book, published by Penguin Random House, Jangda shares the tools that shaped her life, the mysteries of the gut, a 5000-year-old, time-tested, ancient ayurvedic science, the magical healing remedies from the kitchen, and how one can use food to preserve health and reverse diseases.

These tools are backed by modern evidence-based science, which will also appeal to your rational intelligence, she says.

The book has a foreword by actor Juhi Chawla.

Jangda also talks about how health has a domino effect in all aspects of our personal, social, and professional lives and why we must preserve it rather than waiting to get sick.

A former investment banker, she travelled across countries and careers, to find her calling in preventive healthcare life sciences. She started Prana healthcare centre with a team of ayurvedic doctors, bio tech researchers and therapists to dwell deeper into ayurvedic research.

The book mentions tools to identify one’s unique biological blueprint, and learn how to design a personalised diet for a unique body type taking into account genetic factors, topographic and geographic conditions, age and symptoms.

Jangda’s five-step process for vibrant health and holistic wellness includes tools like circadian rhythm to tap into one’s energy clock, food pyramid to understand the importance of various food groups, and digestion period of different food groups, lifestyle changing habits.

It also includes a perspective on the concept of food chemistry and its immediate impact on gut health.

In the book, there are also easy kitchen remedies and recipes that aims to help detoxify the body, nourish, and heal it.

Jangda further mentions her personal struggles with chronic ailments, cancer scare and multiple surgeries as a child abd how she dealt with them. (PTI)

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