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Al last lady luck smiled on us

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By: Mohammad Hussain Khan

The employee of a government department wants recognition from his command who is caring guide for him. Certainly for a government employee, work place is the gift and career advancement is to glorify his work.

Aspirations if not handled well would lead to grouses. J&K Subordinate Accounts Service has a vital role in government business. This service has always faced colossal challenges at ground zero and tried to keep alive the original layout of the Finance Department. Unfortunately this ill fated cadre never gets recognition of its hard work.

Even after 12 years on a particular position they were feeling underappreciated and it was breaking their spirit. When 28 years of my service have gone, I was once invited by my colleagues and I heard them patiently. It was a difficult time but I counseled them not to lose heart and remember sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

You might have heard the law of opposites? It is one of the most interesting laws of the universe. According to this law everything in existence is a combination of opposites. Light without night. Hot without cold. Salt without sugar. Hate without love. Prosperity without poverty. In essence, everything in your life is known only because of its opposites.  What a Fascinating! the interplay of these very opposites is what shapes balance in life. And this very law is the reason for all you know today.

Finally, good fortune smiled upon the cadre. The two loving and caring bosses with clean plan and defined guidelines have been posted in Finance Department. One as Administrative Secretary and other as HOD.

What I found in my 29 years of career?  In past Bosses were smart, content experts with a vision and mission but what they lacked was an understanding of what happened in the belly of Accounts Cadre. They created the recipe and hired great talent. But they did not bother to know what happened from recipe to sausage.

Dear Colleagues, Akhir Tum Say Piyar Aaya Hai. How?

The new administrative setup confirmed the appointment of team of J&K S.A.S and I also journeyed through this role. Recently good number of Class 1st   members of S.A.S were elevated. This present level headed administrative set up has strong procedures in place to manage the J&K Accounts Cadre. They have vision, plan action and delegation. They stood on their pedestals and took all the credit. Really love can be hard work. It is not feeling but an action. Let this virtuous cycle repeat over and over again.

“Bai Sadh Bolna Aisa Hai

Jaisay Andhi Aankh Ka Khawab,,

Baatin Sadh mai ho

Tou Lafaz karamat karta hai”

To speak plainly is, as the dream of a blind eye.

If heart is pure, miracles happen by terms and words.

(The author can be reached at [email protected])

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