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By: Er Aausyf Ibn Farooq

In Kashmir, where spring’s gentle breeze blows,

The flowers dance and the river flows,

Yet, amidst nature’s serene call,

The students brace for the academic brawl.

Once fearful of date sheets, they’d prepare,

Studying diligently with utmost care,

But now, lost in digital streams,

They chase fleeting likes, forsaking their dreams.

Lessons forgotten, exams ignored,

Their focus stolen by screens adored,

They seek validation in virtual lands,

Ignoring the wisdom of guiding hands

Seniors gaze with a puzzled glance,

Remembering their own schooltime dance,

They wish the youth would heed the call,

To cherish education, above all

For school is not just a passing phase,

But a journey where knowledge plays,

Where lessons learned, both tough and kind,

Shape the intellect and enrich the mind.

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