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Dawalabad Anantnag residents demand construction of water supply scheme

Dawalabad Anantnag residents demand construction of water supply scheme
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Anantnag: The residents of Drein Dawalabad in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district have demanded construction of a water supply scheme over a dam and not over a stream that has a source of spring.

The residents said the stream flowing through the area has a spring source that usually remains dry during winter months.

They said that currently they are using water of the stream for drinking as well as irrigation purposes besides that there are other sources that they are using once the spring dries up dring winter months.

Ghlam Nabi Khan, a local resident said that the authorities have started construction of a water supply scheme on the stream that remains dry during winter months.

He said that if the scheme will be constructed on this source, they will get water only for six months from this scheme and locals will suffer as they are right now.

He said that there is a big dam available in the area that remains full of the water round the year and this must be used as a source of water supply scheme.

Locals said that scheme is being constructed for the villages including Drien, Badra- gund, Bonigam, Babapora and Yarhole Nawa.

They said that they have brought this issue in notice of concerned authorities several times but to no avail.

They requested higher ups to look into the matter at an earliest so that locals won’t face any problems.

Meanwhile, an official of the concerned department said that they have taken every technical aspect into consideration before starting construction work.

He said that the flow of the stream reduces but it doesn’t completely dry up  and water flowing through it is enough to cater to these villages as water consumption in winter is very less as compared to summer.

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