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VC, SDA conducts review of Master Plan-2035

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SRINAGAR: The Vice Chairman, Srinagar Development Authority (SDA) Thursday presided over a comprehensive review meeting of the Master Plan-2035 and the scrutiny of objections and suggestions received from the general public.

The meeting, held at SDA, marked a significant step in the ongoing process of urban development and planning for Greater Srinagar.

The meeting was attended by the Officers of SDA, SMC, TPO (K) and LCMA, reflecting a collaborative and inclusive approach to Greater Srinagar.

The discussions centered on analyzing the objections and suggestions received from the general public regarding the Master Plan-2035, with a focus on ensuring that the plan aligns with the evolving needs and aspirations of the residents of Srinagar.

During the meeting, the VC emphasized the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives and feedback from the public into the development process, underscoring the commitment to transparency and participatory governance. The thorough scrutiny of objections and suggestions underscores the SDA’s dedication to foster a plan that reflects the collective vision for Srinagar’s future.

The VC expressed gratitude to the general public for their active participation in the process, recognizing their valuable contributions to shape the Master Plan-2035.

He reiterated the organization’s commitment to uphold the highest standards of urban planning and development, ensuring that the Master Plan-2035 serves as a robust framework for sustainable growth and progress.

The chair directed to conduct stakeholder consultations and detailed field visits to ascertain the ground reality and feasibility of public representations received in consonance with the Master Plan 2035.

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