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Snowfall brings cheers to fruit growers, farmers in Kashmir

Snowfall brings cheers to fruit growers, farmers in Kashmir
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Pulwama: The first heavy bout of snowfall this year has brought cheer to thousands of fruit growers and farmers across Kashmir.

Kashmir valley received the first heavy snowfall since Wednesday after a prolonged dry weather, which brought cheers on the faces of thousands of people associated with horticulture and agriculture.

Experts said that continuous dry spell with no rain and snow during this winter so far had increased the worries of fruit growers and farmers in valley.

They said that prolonged dry spell leads to lack of soil moisture that in turn can badly impact both the quality and yield of fruits, including apples, in the next season.

They said that lack of rains over a long period of time dries up the soil moisture and this in turn impacts the flowering and fruit-setting.

“Both the quality and quantity of the crop depend upon flowering and fruit-setting”, they added.

However, they added that the first snowfall of this season has brought happiness on the faces of fruit growers who were very worried due to the prolonged dryness.

Subzar Ahmad, a known fruit trader and expert said that this year January witnessed good temperature and if the same would have continued there could have been sprouting of bud and flowers but with the fresh snowfall temperature has dropped that will later help in better pollination along with fruit set and production.

He added that most orchards are rain fed and due to continuous dry spell the orchards would have witnessed devastation.

He further added that the dry spell could have also lead to pest attack as lack of moisture and dryness makes the fruit trees vulnerable.

The dry spell had also raised concerns for mustard crops, with farmers reporting deficiency symptoms due to insufficient rainfall or snowfall.

Mustard, an annual crop harvested in April, was also facing vulnerability due to lack of precipitation.

Meanwhile, people associated with horticulture and agriculture said that snowfall was need of the hour.

They said that snowfall has brought happiness as they are now expecting a good crop production this year.


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