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Importance of class X board exams

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By: Mohammad Nadeem

For all class X students, who are going to take their first board exams, be it under CBSE Board any other state board, this is the most crucial time to become ready for the challenge. However, there are a few common questions regarding the board exams, which keep boggling the students’ minds.

These are; why does everyone emphasize on getting good marks in board exams? Why do we fear the board exams? Why are there board exams? Actually, the extreme hype has been created about the class 10th board exams due to which even a thought of taking it gives students nightmares.

However, board exams are just the kind of other exams which students have been taking in their previous classes. The only difference is that for class 10th students, board exams are the first nationalized exams.

A successful accomplishment of the exams may take a student to another level in his/her academic and career prospects. Also, a good result in board exams signifies the level of sincerity and sense of responsibility a student carries.

  1. First most important step in deciding career path for future

Your result in CBSE class 10 acts as the foremost parameter in deciding whether you will be able to get your preferred stream in 11th class. Your marks in a particular subject somewhere reflect your interest or disinterest in that subject, helping you choose a stream; Science, Commerce or Arts, accordingly.

At this stage students become mature enough to explore their interests and take an appropriate decision. The stream you will be taking in class 11 will finally decide your career prospects in future. For example, if you want to build a career in medical field, then you will have to take biology in class 11th for which you need to earn a good score in class 10 science exam.

  1. Signifies your academic achievements

Marks scored in class 10 board exams will act as a key factor for getting admission in higher secondary schools of your choice. Board exam results form an important part of your resume, indicating your academic performance and achievements.

In the current education scenario, many prestigious colleges and universities assign extra points to class 10th marks while granting admission to students. Hence, a good score in class 10 board exams can actually acts as a career shaper in the life of a student.

Moreover, for enrolling into any entrance exam or a scholarship programme which a student can take after class 10th, he/she must have secured a minimum required percentage/grades in 10th board exams.

  1. Prepares students to handle stress and anxieties

Class 10th board exams make you mentally strong and calm by conquering the exam stress and tension. Actually, once you have successfully faced and passed the class 10 board exams, you will find yourself to be able to face bigger and tougher exams fearlessly. You will learn how to manage time, stress and give your best under pressure situations.

For class 10 board exams, you are required to get out of your comfort zone by taking the exam at a different centre. The exam being made and evaluated by the teachers who are not from your school, gives you a chance to evaluate your performance better. Facing an unforeseen situation and coming out successful gives you the confidence for future.

  1. Pre-rehearsal for class 12 board exams

After class 10 the second most important exam will be the class 12 board exams. So, class 10 students can treat their board exams as a trial run for the class 12 board exams. The whole experience of going to another school, being seated with all new students and taking the exam under strict observance of the invigilators is enough to prepare you for the upcoming academic challenges. Once you get familarised with the whole process, you will feel more confident and prepared for the next time when you will encounter the same situation in class 12.

Though in comparison with class 10th the degree of complexity in class 12th will be higher, but the experience of class 10 board exams will make you familiar with the fuss and more confident to face your class 12 boards which will decide the course of your college life, eventually affecting your career prospects.

  1. Helps you realise your level among others

The class 10 board exam is a perfect criteria to indicate a student’s learnings and abilities. It lets you know your stand as compared to not only your few classmates but all the class 10 students across the country. Since board exams are conducted at the national level, so a bad result in class 10 boards can be taken as a wake-up call to perform better next time .

An excellent performance in class 10 boards will give you motivational push to maintain the same level of success in future as well. The sense of achievement on scoring well in your board exams will overshadow your performance in school’s internal exams.

Knowing the importance of class 10 board exams, students must start preparing effectively for the upcoming exams. Don’t get tensed or panicked by what’s going all around. Just stay calm, focused and well prepared. All these will be enough to score well in your class 10 board exam 2024.

(The author is a columnist besides teaches chemistry)

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