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Domestic violence: A hateful evil

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By: Snowber Basharat

Domestic violence is an evil that people often ignore for being involved. Domestic violence refers to the violence and abuse which happens in a domestic setting like marriage. We have often seen in our society that domestic violence exists.

We witness families where screams of victims of violence can be heard and this violence is devouring the innocent people. We take this as normal and don’t take any action against it. For this to happen, there are many causes responsible.

The first cause is dowry. It is a form of socio-cultural factor. However, it becomes important to separately mention it because most of the cases of the domestic violence stem from the illegal demand of dowry. The second is cultural factors. It includes the desire for a male child.

This obsession resulting from the lack of awareness and inherent male superiority leads to perpetuation of domestic violence against women.

The third is sociological factors. The sociological factors include like anger issues, aggressive attitude, and difference in status, controlling, drug addiction, upbringing and psychological instability, depression and stress. Extra-marital affairs or lack of trust also contributes to domestic violence.

The fourth is economic factors. When it comes to fulfilling the basic needs, financial situation always creates a hurdle and it becomes a cause for domestic violence.

Domestic violence covers many aspects. They include physical, sexual and verbal abuse. Physical abuse is the most visible form of domestic violence. It has been defined in the Domestic Violence Act as to include any act that causes bodily pain or danger to life, limb or health or development of the victim.

Assault, criminal force and criminal intimidation are forms of physical abuse. Sexual abuse or sexual coercion is another form of domestic violence generally, marital rape comes within the ambit of sexual abuse.

According to the Domestic Violence Act, sexual abuse is any abuse of a sexual nature that ‘abuses, humiliates, degrades or otherwise violates the dignity of a woman.’ Emotional abuse includes threats made by the domestic relations during domestic violence. The emotional abuse leads to psychological abuse and erodes a sense of self-worth.

Ironically, domestic violence leads to depression, anxiety, suicides and also ruins the lives of children who absorb all shouting, hitting, abusive language, and also gets trapped into the whirlpool of emotional damage.

A child loses trust in marriage system and begins to hate it. Moreover, women suffer silently. It takes a heavy toll on their physical as well as mental health.

In order to safeguard the weaker sex we should take steps to curb all forms of domestic violence. A woman must not bear it anymore and file a complaint against the culprits. Our society should also take steps against it. Family members should understand the value of each family member in general and the value of women and children in particular.

Strict laws must be made to mitigate the chances of domestic violence. Women must be educated to raise their voices against the silent wrongs through which they are going.  Overall, women are also human beings and they deserve our respect and care.

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