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Childhood memories are sweet

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By: M Ahmad

Childhood is the most fun and memorable time in anyone’s life. It’s the first stage of life which we enjoy in whatever way we like. Besides, this is the time that shapes up the future. The parents love and care for their children and the grand children remains the same too. Moreover, it’s the golden period of life in which a child is taught the right ones.

The memories of childhood ultimately become the life long memory which always brings a smile on our faces. Only the grownups know the real value of childhood because the children do not understand these things. Moreover, Children’s have no worries, no stress, and they are free from the filth of worldly life.

When an individual collects memories of his/her childhood they give a delighted feeling. Besides, bad memories haunt the person his entire life. Apart from this, as we grow we feel more attachment to our childhood and we want to get back those days but we can’t. That’s why many people say ‘time is neither a friend nor a foe’. Because the time which is gone can’t come back and neither do our childhood. In this stage of life, we can easily remodel the mindset of someone.

Childhood is the time that makes our adulthood special. Also, children’s are like pottery vessels that we can shape in any way we like. Besides, their innocence and helpful nature gives everyone the message of humanity. Most importantly, they learn by either making mistakes or seeing their elders.

Childhood is that stage of life which we can enjoy- – the part of life which we cannot get back however much we want. Our future is built up on the basis of our childhood. Our future is shaped by our parent’s love and care. It is the actual time when we can teach our children what is right and what is wrong. Childhood is the time when the foundation of our life is built on the pillars of right values and principles.  It is the most unforgettable time period of life.

Everyone has childhood memories; remembering those memories brings peace and the feeling of delight. They are one of the most valuable for an individual. In our childhood, a child does not have any worries about the modern world and when an adult recalls his/her memories of that careless phase of one’s life, they get a chance to forget their current pressure and stress that they are facing in the present life, even for a moment.

People become very attached to their childhood memories especially in the later stage of their life and want to go back in time to re-experience their childhood but sadly can’t.

The childhood memories we gather stay with us throughout our life and anytime they can bring happiness in our life when we are down. The actual value of childhood can only be understood by the grownups because children are not capable of realizing the importance that this period brings with it. Children are free from all the worries, hazards of a busy life, and stresses in this world of uncertainty.

We, the grownups, feel delighted when we recollect our childhood memories. But it is obvious that every memory of childhood days can’t be good. There may be some unwanted memories which can haunt a person his entire life. When we grow up we miss every single day of our childhood period. Our life is fully dependent on time. The time that has already passed cannot be brought back and so can’t our childhood.

The innocence and careless days of childhood are what makes even poets and writers cherish those days and praise them.  Children may fail to realize what golden moments they are passing through only until they reach adulthood. For an adult the best days of his life were spent while he was a child and it is during his stressful days he longs for the lost time.

This is when the significance is best realized. The moral and social character of a child is developed in this time. In this time, the parents can easily alter the mindset of the children and make them differentiate between right and wrong. The minds of children are like clean slates on which any story, pleasant or harsh, can be written easily.

A happy childhood makes for a successful adulthood. We all have memories from our childhood that we cherish. It’s a time in our life when everything seemed perfect and wonderful. The most memorable things about childhood were holidays, birthdays, school days, and vacations.

Our parents did their best to make these special occasions special for us, ensuring we had plenty of delicious sweets, good friends, family time and doing something that captured our attention. The most important thing which makes childhood memorable is love and care of the family and family members.

A child has the purest heart any human being can possess and all that heart desires is love; no matter what the circumstances are. Any person who claims that he or she had an amazing childhood has witnessed sufficient amount of love, care and affection from their family members.

The memories of childhood have their own place in any individual’s heart. As one grows up, one feels more and more attached with his childhood, the best period in an individual’s life. Having no anxieties, worries or work, a child is free from the dirty and filthy noise of the worldly life.

When individuals recollect the memories of childhood, they feel delighted as it is the most pleasant period which is free from any kind of worry or anxiety. Childhood memories are the unforgettable part of our life. The funny, happiest, pleasure, best, wonderful and unforgettable memories of childhood days are quite hard to stop remembering. The childhood is in fact the best part of anyone’s life.

Childhood is the most enjoyable and amazing experience part of our life. It is that phase of our life when we were free from sorrows and worries. We had no job or anything to worry about. The best experience in our life, if we have ever had, is the childhood period.

“Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because today, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do.”——–A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

(The author is a reular contributor to ‘Kashmir Vision’.)



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