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Parental pressures do not help

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By: Ulfat Zehra

It is a fact that in today’s world, everybody is under pressure. Everybody is going through hard times and parents are not an exception. They are pressurized by society, friends and acquaintances.

However, they give vent to their frustrations by putting undue pressure on their children. In other words, children become the soft target of the pressures in which their parents are badly caught.

In reality, the craze for material things has put an undue pressure on the shoulders of the parents. The result is that children are increasingly feeling the different kinds of tensions associated with their personal lives as well as academics.

To fulfill their parents’ aspirations, students not only sacrifice their personal happiness  but also take the burdens carried by their parents to  perform every task  that is there to do. Excelling in every subject is what parents want. In this way, children are put to unnecessary pressures which hurt them in the long run.

As a student, I myself feel the parental pressures. Living a life of my choice is a distant dream. Like other parents, my parents on seeing the results of other children begin to pressurize me and my siblings to be like them.

In this way, our wings of liberty are clipped, without a single flight. Yes, it is a fact that parents are our well wishers. They have the experience of many years. However, it does not mean that we have no liberty of doing what we want to do.

In the rat-race competition, it makes no sense to make your children the scapegoats of the illogical norms. Moreover, one’s prosperity is a mound of poison for other children.  It is a universally acknowledged fact that there are hundred forces working against a well-intended thing. The invisible forces are on prowl to throw a thing from the original path. In this situation, putting heavy burden on the shoulders of children is a useless act.

Parents themselves know that it is a crime to force their children to do what they are incapable of doing. Working against the natural laws on one hand while expecting one’s children to excel on other hand, is a mirage.

Parents themselves are unable to cope up with the modern trends. Modern society is like walking on a treadmill where one has to move continuously but cautiously. A single mistake can prove fatal.

So, it becomes necessary not to put undue pressure on children. Parents, as well as teachers, have to understand this thing as early as they can. Expecting miracles while killing your children in the name of competition and accuracy are two different things.

Before it is too late we must rise to the occasion and set things tight. Overall, our children are our own children. They are our past, present and future. They keep the candles of civilization burning. Let them keep burning with their own flames.

(The writer is a student)

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