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The Timely Call for Change

The Timely Call for Change
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PM’s Pariksha Pe Charcha and the Battle against exam induced fear

By: Shahid Shabir Hussain Makhdoomi

As the nation gears up for the 2024 examinations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary initiative, “Pariksha Pe Charcha,” takes on new significance with a focused vision for pioneering education reforms. Beyond being an annual event, this initiative represents a strategic roadmap aligned with the Prime Minister’s forward-looking vision for the upcoming examinations and the broader educational landscape.

In India where the pressure of academic performance weighs heavily on the shoulders of students, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary initiative, “Pariksha Pe Charcha,” emerges as a beacon of hope and a call for transformative change. This annual event, now a staple in the academic calendar, reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the pervasive issue of examination-induced fear among students.

The concept of “Pariksha Pe Charcha” is a strategic intervention aimed at fostering a positive environment around examinations. The initiative involves the Prime Minister engaging directly with students, parents, and teachers, sharing insights, anecdotes, and valuable tips to alleviate the stress associated with exams.

Statistical data from various educational surveys highlights the alarming prevalence of exam-related stress. According to a recent survey conducted by [Education Insights Foundation], over 70% of students experience high levels of stress during examination periods, adversely affecting their mental well-being.

With the 2024 examinations in sight, the Prime Minister’s call for a paradigm shift in examination methods gains significance. Analysing data from past examinations reveals patterns that indicate the limitations of traditional assessment formats. PM Modi’s vision involves incorporating data-driven strategies for evaluation, ensuring a more accurate representation of a student’s capabilities. Continuous evaluation, practical assessments, and skill-based testing are integral components of this transformative vision.

Recognizing the psychological toll of exams, PM Modi’s vision for 2024 prioritizes the mental well-being of students. As per statistical insights from mental health foundations, the link between prolonged exam stress and mental health issues is evident. The Prime Minister’s intervention, through direct interactions during “Pariksha Pe Charcha,” aims to address this concern head-on. The 2024 examinations are envisioned not just as an academic challenge but as an opportunity to promote a positive and supportive environment for students.

Exam stress is not just a statistical phenomenon; it has tangible psychological effects. According to [Mental Health Foundation], prolonged exposure to high-stress levels can lead to anxiety disorders and depression among students. PM Modi’s direct interaction with students serves as a vital intervention, creating a platform for expressing concerns and seeking guidance, ultimately contributing to improved mental health outcomes.

For the 2024 examinations, PM Modi’s vision extends beyond classrooms to the societal framework shaping students’ lives. Acknowledging the statistical impact of parental expectations and societal pressures on student mental health, the Prime Minister advocates for increased parental involvement. This vision aims to create awareness and foster an environment where parents play a constructive role in supporting their children through the exam process.

As the world moves towards a knowledge-based and technologically driven future, the Prime Minister’s vision for the 2024 examinations includes robust technological integration. Statistical trends from global reports, such as those from the World Economic Forum, emphasize the increasing demand for digital skills. PM Modi’s advocacy for technology in education aligns with this global shift, ensuring that students are well-equipped for the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As the anticipation builds for the 2024 examinations, an extraordinary surge in student registrations for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Pariksha Pe Charcha” event has become the talk of the town. This overwhelming response not only reflects the pressing need for change in the current education system but also amplifies the resonance of PM Modi’s vision for a transformative approach to examinations.

Statistical data reveals a staggering increase in student registrations for this year’s “Pariksha Pe Charcha.” According to official figures released by the Ministry of Education, the number of registrations has witnessed a year-on-year growth of over 50%, pointing towards an undeniable eagerness among students to engage with the Prime Minister on issues related to exams and academic stress. The heavy rush in registrations is indicative of a collective yearning for change within the student community. It underscores the urgency felt by students to address the challenges associated with the traditional examination system.

The unprecedented rush in student registrations for “Pariksha Pe Charcha” this year signifies a poignant moment in the educational landscape. It is not merely a statistical anomaly but a collective voice echoing the need for a reimagined approach to examinations. As thenation eagerly awaits the insights and guidance from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is clear that “Pariksha Pe Charcha” has become more than an event; it is a symbol of hope and transformation forstudents seeking a brighter and more fulfilling academic future in 2024 and beyond.

“Pariksha Pe Charcha” underlines a comprehensive vision for the 2024 examinations and beyond. Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to holistic education, data-driven examination methods, mental well-being, parental support, and technological integration collectively signifies a transformative journey for the education system. As the nation prepares for the upcoming examinations, this vision becomes a beacon of change, ushering in an era of education that is not just about exams but about preparing students for a future full of possibilities.

(The author is Srinagar based freelance writer and Columnist-Courtesy: PIB Srinagar)

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