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Personality Development: A Neglected Subject

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By: Ulfat Zehra

It is a universally acknowledged fact that personality development should start early in a student’s as well in a common man’s life. Personality is the true reflection of one’s being.

It is defined as a set of traits that shape that inner and outer being in a person with organized pattern of behaviour. It makes a person’s character, behavior, attitude and environment different. It gives a person the requisite confidence to excel in his or her life.

In the modern age, it has become important to work on the personality development. As said in the beginning, personality development prepares a person for the whole life. Without it, the whole concept of life is incomplete. Moreover,  it is a fact that the main motive of this temporary life is to build the personality in the truest sense.

However, barring some people, no one is bothered about the personality development. From our homes to the educational institutions, the word’ personality’ is misunderstood. People think that personality means to have an attractive physical appearance. Wearing branded clothes is the image of personality in our society. In reality, personality means ‘persona’.

When a person hides his true identity by adding the layers of fakery and camouflages himself to adjust himself in every situation, is personality. Hiding one’s true being for the sake of some selfish motives is personality.

So, in order to be a true person, one has to develop his true being. Instead of adding some artificial layers to the original being, it is better to work on the reality that we hate to confront. Fake personality is all about changing faces and getting fit in every situation.

Real personality is all about one’s true world. If a person has bad traits, he should try his best to remove these from his life. However, what he does is that he keeps on adding the layers of fake piousness to deceive people.

In reality, the fake person hurts his own cause. For instance, if I keep changing my faces and persona according to the situation, it results in my destruction. So, in order to live the meaningful life, one has to develop his real personality. Moreover, it should be the primary concern of the educational institutions too. Let us hope for the best.

(The author is a student)

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