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Farewell Symphony: Navigating the emotional tapestry

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By: Zaieem Bhat

‘The harsh behaviour of a teacher can seldom prove beneficial, but the influence and transformation created out of compassion and counselling is concrete.

Children are wonderful creatures. They hold an immense quantity of compassion, love and respect in themselves and when incubated and nurtured positively, they can emerge in their best form. They can become giant fountains of knowledge, values and what not.

They are a material kept at the disposal of a teacher to be mend and shaped into a better desired individual .And in the process , time weaves the memories and makes them settle in brain permanently. And for me one of the finest memories got weaved on the last day of this academic year.

Amidst the vacillating valediction, the students bade adieu to their schools and teachers, some temporarily and some permanently. I witnessed some moments that impacted me immensely, something that made me believe that this is one of the best choice to be opted.

The satisfaction, the contentment with this job is extraordinary, if one really is able to create influence in subjects and mend them to right direction. Everything can be judged at the end and a teacher’s impact is judged in student’s life. How has he groomed them all the way under his influence?

It was in the cool air aided with the slightest of sunlight, autumn vibes almost frozen and winter veiling the region completely, that we witnessed the most emotional parting from students. I am working as teacher at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Khiram and our institution is in rural area and the innate simplicity is still present among students.

The student response is still much better as we see that this very relationship has bit eroded away in urban areas. The kind of emotional parting witnessed was perhaps first time in my five years of service and I couldn’t hold myself from portraying that into words.

Nothing can be better than pious human relations. We see in current world that lot of things are weighed mainly from material perspective and can be amassed by material wealth. But there are things very much divine and supreme and can’t be pursued through material value. And the best achievement we witnessed was in the currency of human feelings. The extreme reverence and emotional parting from students was both satisfying and emotive at the same time. I would cherish that day for a long time.

The congenial parental attitude in a teacher for students is natural. I strongly believe that teachers are at par with parents in shaping student’s life with proper training, counselling and care.

Being a teacher has been one of the finest professions since ages. A true teacher leaves his footprints in society for decades and generations to come. I remember a day a month before, I was for some school task at tribal hamlet and there we spent some time at the government middle school.

I just asked a nursery kid about notebook and while I was having a handshake with him, he put a priceless gift in my hand in return without uttering anything. The face was innocent, incredibly pure and swift vibes of sincerity hovering over his full face. He was like a fresh flower sharing his fragrance all around. And when I received that priceless gift from him, the feeling spread to innermost threads of my heart.

All that the students need is consistent counselling, imbibing better ethics in them along with providing of education. They can be nourished like we nourish the tender saplings to train them to have better structure and yield at the end. Education has to go hand in hand with moral dissemination.

Education without ethics can be terribly dangerous and with morals is best investment into a young individual. Students try to internalize the teacher and hence need to be in race to build themselves better each day. Students imitate best, they take and learn things in the best manner as the same ability recedes with age.

And when students understand he things portrayed to them, they get transformed rigidly and strong. The advises echo in their minds consistently disseminated to them frequently. The harsh behaviour of a teacher can seldom prove beneficial, but the influence and transformation created out of compassion and counselling is concrete. Transformation created through harsh behaviour is weak and lasts for a short run. They are tender things and be serviced through the language of compassion, guidance and counselling fundamentally.

(The author is a teacher in Department of School Education)

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